The Most “Out-of-Touch” Governmental body in the United States? What is Congress Alex?

I cannot recall a period in my life or in the history I’ve read where the United States has had such low caliber dim-wits in Congress.  These people are unequivocally out of touch with the average American, and most lack the intellect and knowledge to be effective.  Why do I say this.  Right now 19 Senators have over 36 years in Congress with several at 50+ years.  The House has 53 members with over 36 years in Congress and similar numbers with 50+ years in the Senate.  So let’s analyze the numbers and draw some conclusions to support term limits:  1.) The numbers of Congressmen with over 36 years in office has a profound impact on public policy.  This block of individuals can singlehandedly shape the outcome of legislation;  2.) These Congressmen, if well-educated graduated from College in 1970 at the latest… most probably graduated 10-15 years earlier.  So these individual’s education is missing significant knowledge of modern finance, technology, and world history;  3.) As a Congressman you enjoy the benefits of chauffeurs, personal chefs… basically they don’t have to fuck around with the chaos of modern life, someone else does this for them because after all they are too busy writing legislation; 4.) Congress is in session 142 days a year for the House and 162 days for the Senate.  Based on these numbers, clearly these people have tremendous free time.  What do they do with this time.  FUCK if I know.  What I do know is that my Congressmen have never reached out to me for anything.  And I know of no person in my circle of friends who have been contacted by their Congressman.  Giving them the benefit of the doubt, my guess is that they are fund-raising particularly for House positions… which are 2 year terms;  5.) Does fund raising give Congressmen wisdom and perspective to make public policy?  Working around government for the last 14 years in my business I can tell you there is nothing being gained from fund raising except money.  Summarizing, Congress has far far too many old, out of touch career politicians that have no idea what they are doing… how could they given my statistics?  So you ask how do they write legislation, THEY DON”T, their aides do.  You might wonder who these aides are as they play a very very important role in public policy… they are law students, and recent college graduates politically connected.  Hmmm… again we see Congress being influenced by inexperienced people.  Conclusion, given the dynamics of Congress, term limits would eliminate people who lack the knowledge and understanding of the Country’s current welfare, and in imposing term-limits, we begin to get younger well educated citizen politicians making public policy.  New blood would replace the old blood and in the process the status quo would be challenged.

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