Obama for President… what are we thinking!

Average Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for Presidents Since Truman (Updated 3/30/2020). I guess I was prescient back in 2008 as to Obama’s fitness to lead. Worst President since Truman in terms of growing our economy. And don’t forget he spent $10 trillion dollars more than our tax receipts over that period to average less than 1.5% growth. Pathetic especially when the average was 2.9% over the period shown.

I have been on this earth almost 50 years.  I have lived through the Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II presidencies and for the first time in all those years I have no respect for our process of electing our leaders.  In nearly 50 years of my life, I don’t believe there has been a less impressive presidential candidate or president than Obama.  He has accomplished very little compared to my past Presidents or presidential candidates, and he has not accomplished significantly more than myself when all things are considered. 

“How in the world did we get to this point?”  To attempt to understand, I asked a close Liberal friend, who I respect highly, why anyone would seriously consider Obama.  She said: “Let’s give some new blood a chance”.   Regrettably I think far far too many people are thinking like my friend.  That scares me as Obama is not an impressive character except to say… he seems to be growing into the portrait the media has painted for him.  So again I ask: “What are we thinking!”  Just as a GED is not equivalent in “real terms” to a high school graduation… community organizing, a few years in the Senate and a law degree does not prepare one to be the President.  There is no substitute for certain life experiences and the wisdom of age.  Obama simply does not have what it takes TODAY… to be President.   I really wished he had waited another 4 years… he just is too weak.

My First Blog… who cares ?

Seems everyone is blogging these days, so why should anyone care that another blog has just begun.  I suppose individual blogs are largely meaningless.  But I also suppose in a strange way ideas, thoughts, or opinions no matter from whom they come, help add to our collective consciousness and in some esoteric way help transform our views of the world… hopefully positively.  So with this in mind, I begin my blog and I begin adding to our collective consciouness