Where is the outrage from Muslims around the world?

Muslims must begin to speak out against radical Islamists or they are going to become outcasts among the American public, if not much of the world. One cannot commit the atrocities in the name of religion, as many Muslims have done, and not suffer the wrath of the civilized.

Admittedly, the Old Testament was brutal and in many ways similar to the Quaran’s current literal interpretations. King James over 400 years ago in conjunction with the Church of England, civilized the Old Testament. In its current form, commonly referred to as the King James verion or the New Testament was published officially in the United States in the 1880’s.

From my vantage point, King James understood the extreme positions in the Old Testament were too radical; therefore he softened the text to make it more palatable and more civilized… such as the phrase “turn the other cheeck”.

The Quaran has not been civilized and is at least 400 years behind the commonly used King James version of the Bible. But even more difficult is that the words of the Quaran are alledged to be those of Allah whereas in the Bible, the words are those recalled by apostles, not from God directly.

Clearly, these differences, i.e. lack of civility and source of verbiage, make it difficult to find common ground with Muslims who take literal meaning to the words of the Quaran.

Sadly, the western world will not forever sit idly by and watch Muslims kill innocents. Muslims need to wake up and heed the approaching wratch of the western world. While individuals can kill dozens, the western world can kill millions.