Dumb and Dumber

Nancy Pelosi has to be the highest ranking dumbell in the entire world.  This woman has literally no idea what she is doing.  She is so partisan… can’t she suspend the partisan politics for 30seconds.  So I refer to her as Dumb… now, Dumber is Harry Reed.  Does this guy have a pulse?  How in the world did this guy get to Majority Leader.  He wouldn’t stand out at a convention of “deaf mutes”… his feeble voice and insane comments make me want to puke.  Dumb and Dumber don’t know the difference between a punch bowl and a toilet bowl.  I wish Americans would wise up and kick every single incumbent out of office.  No matter who they are… kick them out and replace them with their opponent.  Let’s just get brand new blood in there regardless of party.  Just get rid of the bums… they are stupid beyond imagination.  I understand economic theory and practice better than the dim-wits in Congress that are making laws regulating and manipulating our economy.   Dammit… when are Americans going to wake up?  We need to start the rebellion against our government by first dumping Dumb and Dumber… then get rid of the rest of the bums in next first opportunity!!!!  Are you with me?

Ask NOT what you can do for your Country…

But rather what your Country can do for you seems to be the new mantra.  But just 40 years ago those profound and memorable words espoused by JFK: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”… ignited an explosion in innovation, philanthropy and extraordinary achievements in the United States.   But these days… those eloquent and uplifting American principles have been turned upside down.  We are a society of whiners and entitlement freaks.  I am not that old, but I remember a time when if someone from the government stopped in to help, most people said politely: “No thanks”…. people solved their own problems.  Nowadays, if someone has literally the smallest setback, people want government intervention.  It is utterly and absurdly outrageous that any American would consider they are entitled to anything other than the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…   All I do these days is just shake my head in utter disdain for the lazy, poorly educated uncaring youth of this country.  Sadly the Generation X group will likely see a lower standard of living than their parents… but that is what happens when you rely on someone else to solve your problems rather than taking responsibility for your problems and solving them yourself.  Enough said!!!   I think you get the picture

Is there no limit to what politicians will give away

My god… is there no limit to what politicians will promise to give you if you vote for them.   Who in the hell is going to pay for all these giveaways?  If you look at the “true” national debt which includes IOU’s to Social Security, our debt is $53 trillion.  Who in the hell is going to pay for this?  And every day there is a new giveaway program being offered as a solution to every little problem American’s might endure.  My god what are we thinking here?  This is just pure and outright absurdity.   We gotta cut spending dramatically if we have any hope of getting our financial house in order.  Instead, all I hear is about new programs to help every little problem that comes along the road of life.  Whatever happened to “self-reliance”?  This has got to STOP!!!  Enough is enough!  Grow up people… life is hard.  And sometimes your problems are because you are just STUPID!!!  We can’t solve stupidity… but what I hear today is that we now are expected to solve stupidity.  I give up… Forest Gump was right when he said: “stupid is as stupid does”  Forest Gump was a true American even if he was fictional.  Forest Gump imbued the values and determination of real Americans.

Ever notice how opinions pass as fact?

I love to talk with people.  And the more I talk with people the more I wonder if there is something seriously wrong with me or if people are just plain dumb.  No matter where I am… no matter who I am talking with I find people who say things that they pass off as factual when in reality they are merely an opinion.  And often the opinion is based on what they hear others say or what they hear on TV.  Even news stations chronically make statements that suggest they are espousing factual information to the listener, but in reality it is merely their opinion.  An opinion requiring almost total suspension of reality.  Let’s take one of the most fraudalent statements I hear on news channels… “there are 47 million uninsured people in the United States”.   Well let’s analyse this just in a cursory manner.  There are supposedly 15 million illegal immigrants in the US.  So that reduces the uninsured to 32 million as clearly the United States has no obligation to solve this medical problem.  Now of those 32 million how many simply choose not spend money on healthcare in favor of spending money at the casino… or cigarettes… or beer.  My guess is that 25% of the 32 million fall into that category which leaves 24 million… and I can go on and on.   My hunch is that the true number of uninsured not by choice… here in the United States is probably 10 million which is less than 3% of the total population.  There is a point of diminishing returns on almost everything and my suspicion is that is what we are dealing with here on healthcare. 

Now back to my point.  The opinions thrown out as fact are distorting reality for all of us.  The population of the US is so dumb, it will believe anything it is told especially if it is negative news and there is a chance of some type of conspiracy.  I rest my case.

Science proves there is life after death!

One of the basic laws of science is “Conservation of matter and energy”.  Basically nothing can be created or destroyed, but rather transformed from one state to another state.  For example water can be a solid, vapor or liquid.  If one assumes that humans are a complex interworking of electrochemical reactions… among other things, then when one dies the electrochemical reactions change into another state.  The other “state” is the after life.  And if you start researching this topic you will find more and more scientists discussing a convergence between science and religion.  The Bible was in large part the “science book” of its time.  And it was not able to explain things in cold hard scientific laws, but relied on faith.   But today one really doesn’t need faith to know there is life after death.  Science tells us that there is indeed life after death.  What exactly life after death is… is not clear, but death is not simply a “dead end”.

Congress needs to be “term limited”

I cannot recall a period in my life or in the history I’ve read where the United States has had such low caliber dim-wits in Congress.  It starts with the poorly informed leadership of Congress.  Pelosi and Reed simply have no idea what they are doing.  They are not leaders… they are embarassements.  They are not citizen legislators, they are career politicians who represent less than 1% of the population of the United States, but yet they impact each and every American.  Our founding fathers never dreamed that politicians would become life-long legislators.  My hunch is that they presumed most citizens would do their civic duty and then step down.   So if someone like Pelosi came along within a relatively short-period of time, they would leave office.  New blood would replace the old blood and in the process the status quo would be challenged.  Sadly, we have career politicians who have never held a “real job”, never driven their own car, never even shop for their own groceries.  Term limits must become the battle cry of all Americans.  Without term limits, the country is going to become more and more polarized… not to mention over-run by illegal immigrants.