Green Dumb Deal and Reality

This Country is embarking on an insane magical mystery tour cooked up by Democrat nitwits currently in Congress. They want the United States to go “green” for all its energy needs including automobiles. If any of these idiot savants had ever seriously investigated this idea they would know that everyone reading this blog will be dead by the time “green” takes hold particularly in the automobile realm. Just one single and simple fact should tell us that electric cars becoming a dominant source of transportation anytime soon is delusional. No one is talking about this. You ask what is it? The fact is the United States has 283 MILLION gasoline and diesel vehicles on the road. How in the hell are we going to build enough vehicles to satisfy this need in the next 10, 20, or 30 years? Further, as these vehicles are replaced where are they gonna go? Many of these vehicles would be perfect additions to a family with a teenage driver thereby eliminating the need for an EV. And assuming we went on a production binge in electric vehicles, how in the hell can we build 283 MILLION vehicles in any reasonable timeframe. Lastly, where is the electricity grid big enough to handle these new vehicles? The need for electricity will likely double from my research… and while you would expect the demand to be off-peak, demand is going to outstrip the current power plant base and wiring already in place. Who’s gonna pay 60k for an electric vehicle and then pay astronomical prices for electricity because that’s what we are talking. Wind and solar are meaningless to this discussion. They are too unreliable despite what dumbbells in the environmental movement have you believe. I am just sayin… the outlook for electric vehicles in our lifetime is not rosy…

And Biden is still an IDIOT after all these years…

In May of 2009 I wrote Biden was an idiot. See my post as to why I concluded this, it is compelling. Ten years later in November 2019, I wrote once again that I thought Biden was an idiot or if you prefer a buffoon. Both posts were pre-presidency and are eerily accurate as Biden is still an idiot. But now the idiot, has more power than he ever dreamed or deserved. Remember Obama said: “If anyone could fuck things up Joe could”. Others have made similar comments and looking at our current mess here in the U.S., they were and I was right. Tell me where I am wrong. I dare anyone to try to argue Mr. Idiot the buffoon is doing a legitimately good job as President.

Trump is Behind Biden in National Polls, but don’t Despair…


The above table shows a very important statistic. It shows nationally that Biden hiding in his basement is ahead of Trump, who is working his ass off, but still Biden leads by margin of 51/45. One might despair thinking maybe that will stick. Don’t despair, there is an age old dictum in politics and that is: People vote “FOR candidates, NOT against candidates” Time immemorial, people voting against another candidate, tend not to vote as they are not enthusiastic about their vote. That said Trump is in fine shape as 66% of people choosing Trump are enthusiastic versus only 33% for Biden. Biden shows a whopping 66% of his voters are NOT voting for him, but against Trump. Now you get it? Trump’s people are gonna vote enthusiastically for the candidate and are more likely to turn out on election day.

Did you listen to Trump on Saturday June 20, 2020 in Tulsa?

I did and am 100% sold on Trump. Biden stands for nothing that is “RED, WHITE & BLUE”. Trump on the other hand oozes patriotism. I listened carefully and could not find a single solitary issue that I disagreed. He clearly knows the heart and soul of this Country, and while from time to time we falter, it’s not for lack of trying. Trump never gives up and sticks to his guns… literally and figuratively.

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No I can’t be swayed by a single speech, but I look at what the man has accomplished with the dastardly Pelosi crew dragging him down with witch hunts, and hoaxes and non stop harassment and I admire Trump even further.

Frankly at 74, Trump has more vigor, stamina and desire than men 20 years younger. Yes I am a big fan of his abilities physically to endure the bullshit the desperate Democrats spew like snake venom.

I pray to god, that the majority of Americans see what I see. I see a man at the top of his game espousing all American values, all American virtues and all American policies to make this Country even greater. God Bless Donald Trump. Biden can go to hell he is a fraud without any American values or policies. Enough said.

Give Thanks to the Federal Govt. and Piss on Illinois…

The Covid 19 economic shutdown destroyed my businesses. That said, I still never thought I would say “thank you” to the Federal Government. But were it not for the Federal Government’s stimulus check, extended unemployment benefits and the additional $600/week unemployment benefits I could not have survived. And while I know our debt bomb has grown at least $3,000,000,000,000,000, Trump had no choice. The economy simply had to have an infusion of cash.

Now let me say “piss on Illinois”. This State has to be among the worst States by every measure. First they were pathetically slow at getting the Federal Government’s unemployment money out to citizens in dire need. All this State had to do was pass out the cash… and they couldn’t even do that on a timely basis. But I think what pisses me off the most is that checks were 48 hours late any time there was a holiday.

Let me explain. Memorial Day was Monday the 26th of May and was a holiday for most everyone in State Government. For me, life and bills go on with or without me regardless of holidays. That means I still have to pay the mortgage and groceries and on and on she goes. In order to do that money has to arrive in my bank account on certain dates or I miss bills. Not unusual…. just like everyone else in this Country for the most part.

Well Wednesday the 28th comes along which is my day for my Federal money and much to my surprise NOTHING. Oh shit something has happened I thought. Now what? I suppose Illinois has some issue preventing them from getting the checks out.

Guess what? Illinois did have an issue. Turns out because Monday the 26th was a holiday, and the poor pitiful way overpaid government workers were off, they didn’t send checks out for 48 hours. I mean it’s only reasonable to think that since workers had Monday off, that the checks would be delayed. We peons in the masses should be happy we are even getting checks is seemingly the mantra.

Well I am here to tell you government dweebs, there’s absolutely no excuse for my check to go out 48 hours late. I bet your fuckin check didn’t go out 48 hours late. Why would you think it’s okay for mine to be late. If you have to work 24 hours a day until you are caught up because you took one holiday out of your egregious 15 holidays, that’s the price you pay to be MY employee. You need to learn who is really paying your bills and it’s not the State of Illinois.

Who’s in favor of mail-in Ballots? And why?

The utter stupidity of the commie libs is truly beyond my comprehension. They want everyone in the United States to use mail-in paper ballots. As I write this blog Perez the DNC chairman is on TV blasting Trump for wanting to stay with our current system of voting. He is claiming having people go to a voting booth in November would cause a resurgence of COVID19. Therefore, we should go with a mail-in system.

FRAUD is my concern and even more as you read my complete blog. But think about it… how do you prevent fraud unless some type of security code is used. The code and ballot would be sent to addresses of all American citizens to the extent they know addresses and then their mail-in ballot would be sent to a processing center. This might work I suppose.

But I think the commie libs have another plan in mind. I would suggest the commie libs will try to stretch the system so that all residents get paper ballots for mail-in. So the government would now mail to every address in the U.S. By the way for you unfamiliar with the commie lib Democrat code, “resident” is just code for an illegal alien. Last time I checked illegals were not allowed to vote. They are not even supposed to be here. WTF are they thinking?

Well… they are thinking that if they can get residents to vote, they can become a permanent majority in this Country as there are 22 million illegal aliens in this Country. Illegals undoubtedly will vote Democrat. Why Democrat? Democrats have supported open borders, sanctuary cities, voting rights for residents, healthcare for illegals and are against the Trump wall. So, the Democrats are pandering and sucking-up to illegals meanwhile ignoring their fellow Americans. And if you are reading this you know I am speaking the truth.

And to expand on this pandering point, Democrats say utterly stupid stuff like: “The wall is immoral” (Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and 3rd in line to be President). This is music to the ear of the illegal alien. But how can a wall be “immoral”?

Immorality is the lack of morals and often associated with lack of ethics and values. If the U.S. decides to put up a wall, the only values to be considered are Ours, not illegals. So far as I can tell there is nothing immoral from the U.S.’ standpoint. A wall is merely forcing an orderly methodology to our immigration system by causing people to come to this Country through proper channels. This has been the case since the early founding of this Country except in the last 50 years.

My ancestors came here in the late 1700’s from Ireland. They went through Customs in Philadelphia. They gave their full name, family members and relationships, Country of origin and were checked for diseases. It was an orderly process. They didn’t storm the borders to live here without adhering to U.S. laws. They followed the laws and immigrated legally. They moved west to open land in Texas and Indiana. My ancestors would be outraged that people would come here illegally. A wall will stop them, but a mail-in ballot could open the door permanently as illegals getting the vote will open the border to all.