Ladies and Gentlemen this is serious business. We are in the midst of a social revolution that if allowed to fulfill its desired goal will forever change the landscape of the United States. And the new landscape will reward mediocrity, will burden our children, our children’s children with nuclear debt bomb under which their standard of living will deteriorate to levels that possibly our grandparents or great grandparents endured… being a 50 year old, this is not what I dreamed for my children. I had every expectation that they would inherit a new higher standard of living thus fulfilling the American dream. The dream is to pass along to your children the potential to achieve nearly anything their god given talents will permit. Their only limitaiton being their ambition and desire to achieve great things in their lives. But sadly, if the policies of a Congress that epitomizes the egotistical out-of-touch career politicians our founding fathers would abhor. Congress has utterly and egregiously abandoned those who elected them in favor of determining what’s best for us peasant citizens. Obama is dillusional… his usage of words distorts the dictionary. Increases in spending are called investments despite the spending being for social programs. And these same increases can also be called cuts based on baseline budgeting. Words have at least two meanings depending on the point being made. And at times, the words are just plain inappropriately being used. To me it is mind boggling how Obama can say things that on the surface appear to be bald ass lies, but upon critical review and not only lies, but distortions with the intent to mislead. While GW Bush had his issues with mangling the English language, Obama creates totally new meanings for words generally accepted as having a specific meaning. I am appalled at Obama’s professorial elistist condescencion. He is not an average American and he cannot relate to an avearge American. So we in some ways have a monarchy given that lack of connection between our leaders and we citizens.

I hate to keep harping… but Obama’s rhetoric doesn’t match his actions…

I listen to Obama and he is saying the right things, but any sane person who understands Obama’s/Pelosi/Reid’s policies knows these policies WILL NOT accomplish the rhetoric. You simply can’t spend TRILLIONS we don’t have and pretend this is somehow going to solve all our problems. His rhetoric and policies are mutually exclusive…debt and increased taxes will not lead to properity. It’s failed everytime it’s tried. Carter was our last example of this naive approach to economic growth.

Folks, when Obama says reinvestment he really means redistribution… so his words also do not match what normal Americans consider as the proper definition. So while Obama says the right things, he is doing 180 degree opposite. And so we out here trying to make a living, have no idea what to believe. Never before have we had such a total disconnect between words and deeds. And no one challenges the guy. I have no idea where we are going with all these Obama/Pelosi/Reid policies, but even us hillbillies living in our trailer parks understand when we are being led a line of pure bullshit. No fancy pants philly lawyer is going to talk over my head with big words and acronyms and expect to fool me. So y’all better wake up, because we are being led a line of bullshit. And as we all know shit flows downhill. I hope you are not at the bottom…

Congress is filled with absolute JACK ASSES…

How dare Congress pretend to be outraged over AIG bonuses. They created the mess leading to the need for a bailout, they decided to bail out AIG and they didn’t even read the legislation giving AIG indemnity against clawback of the very bonuses they are now grandstanding about. Congress is a pathetic collection of the most incompetent, sanctimonious, petty jack asses ever assembled in a single room.

Congress should be embarrassed and ashamed of their juvenile and pathetic phony outrage.

These same simpleton’s in Congress chastising others, have amassed more debt in the past 90 days than has ever been recorded in world hsitory. Where do these people get off asking anyone questions about their finances or business transactions. Our current Congress has utterly no earthly idea what it is doing with the public’s trillions of tax dollars…

This chirade playing out in Washington is all political tripe… designed to obfuscate the real problem which is the unparalled ineptness of Congress and the President.

WE must impose term limits on Congress just as we do the President because Congress has now usurped from our sophomoric Teleprompter in Chief, i.e. Obama, the power of the Presidency. Obama has lost control as President; and were it not for his teleprompter, he would have nothing to say or do.

I often ponder how our citizens were so duped by Obama… after all he told all of us he was going to “change” everything and he was going change things in a dramatic leftist direction. Did our citizens not believe Obama. I did, and now my fears are playing out in living color.

And what I see in living color is that Obama has turned over the reigns of the Federal government to Congress’ most dillusional out-of-touch members i.e. Pathetic Pelosi and Retarded Reid.

So I pray Congress continues down its current path of kaos and anarchy… that will assure a clean sweep of the nit-wits currently running Congress in 2010, much as we experienced under Clinton in 1992.

WE all must do our fair share to maintain the pressure on Congress thereby ensuring irrational and “Sybil-like” actions and reactions by our Royal Morons. I have my 15 tea bags prepared to be mailed once a day from April 1st… DO YOU!!!

Michelle Obama finally proud to be an American… not me!

How sad it is, that now that Obama is President, for the first time in my nearly 50 years I am not proud of this country or our alleged political leaders.

As I look back over my life, I remember being a staunch Democrat when Carter was President, but even then I was not happy with Carter, but never was I not proud of my fellow Americans and the ideals of this Country. But admittedly, I did feel that possibly our better days were behind us, but I was still proud of our heritage and our citizens.

Then… an Actor named Ronald Reagan, who I did not vote for… was elected President, and his infectious enthusiasm lifted all our spirits. It didn’t matter whether you were a Democrat or a Republican or an Independent, we all again believed our better days lay ahead. We all believed again in our ability to accomplish anything. And it was Reagan who opened my eyes and millions of other Americans to Conservatism. Since then, I have never looked back. I have embraced the ideals of Conservatism which believes in the power of the individual to accomplish great things if the shackles of government were removed.

But now sadly, a malaise similar to the Carter years is overwhelming our country. But unlike Carter, Obama is an elistist egotistical man, who has decided he… rather than we citizens, knows best how to configure our future. To me, he inspires primarily those that have no goals in life, no ambition, no drive… instead he appeals to the mediocrity of our nature. And if you couple Obama’s uninspiring rhetoric with the utterly disgraceful leadership in Congress; it’s no wonder many of us staunchly proud American’s, have lost our pride.

So it seems the moment Michele Obama finally became proud to be an American just this past year, I lost my pride in almost everything American except our military. Frankly, not since the Carter years have I felt our better days are possibly behind us. But even back in the Carter years, while I thought our better days may have been in the past, I never felt that our entire way of life was in dire jeopardy.

But as I see it, the dramatic changes being proposed in healthcare, education, energy, social services, fiscal policy and budget priorities will in time negatively affect all aspects of our society and role in the world. What concerns me most is that once these policies become law or become institutionalized into the fabric of American society it becomes nearly impossible to correct… and they must be corrected otherwise, I fear our better days are truly behind us.

In closing, all I can say is: “don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for Obama”… and if you did, I hope you now see the folly of your vote. And if you now can see the peril in allowing the current Congress and the President to continue their unchecked efforts to change every aspect of our way of life, you will join me in voting against every single incumbent Congress person in 2010. We desperately need to “throw the bums out”, and replace them with citizen politicians rather than career politicians.

So Hear Ye: The time has come for “sweeping” and dramatic change in Congress. These people have fucked up this country to the point, many of us patriotic Americans are no longer proud of our Country and fear the worst has finally become truly possible. For that, these self-serving bastards need to be forever removed from Congress or any elected position. Congress is disgraceful!!!

Do you really believe…

Let me ask you a few questions:

Do you really believe spending more money on teachers is going to make any difference? We spend on average about $12,000/student each year. Washington DC is $15,000/year per student. So if you take a class of 30 students, at $12,000 per student that is $360,000 in a single classroom. So again, do you really feel more money is the solution? Why? How?

Do you believe our healthcare system is broken? Really? When I look at the information widely available on the subject, I find the wealthy in other countries come here for medical care. If you talk to Canadians they are not happy with their system… often they come here for immediate care. So again do you really believe our healthcare system is broken?

Do you believe we can spend our way into prosperity? Seems like an oxymoron to me, but again do you believe spending is the key to stimulating the economy? As you know, Obama and Congress want to spend trillions on new government iniatives. This spending is borrowed money which creates more and more indebtedness. So this spending will cause our national debt to explode, and no one has a clue how to pay for all this. Oh sure there are the usual “soak the rich” bumper stickers, but you could confiscate every dollar the so-called rich earn each year, and we couldn’t make a meaningful dent in our national debt. I hear some suggest John Maynard Keynes, the great economist of the early 20th century proferred in times of recession the government should spend money to stimulate the economy. But Keynes’ theories assumed that the govnerment had been frugal in the good times; therefore, there was a national surplus rather than a national debt. With debt, Keynes’ philosophy would be different. So do you believe we can spend our way out of a recession?

Do you believe the so-called rich don’t pay enough in taxes? Every statistic I have read both from government sources and private sources tell me that 70% of all taxes are paid by less than 20% of the population. 100% of all taxes are paid by 50% of the wage earners in the United Sates. So do you believe the rich are not paying their fair share? And if you believe this, I ask how much more can one confiscate from the “rich” before they decide to shut down.

Do you believe Gitmo should be closed? Why? The people held their are dangerous aren’t they? And if they are dangerous what do we do with them? Plus… there are less than 500 people incarcerated at Gitmo. 20% of those released have returned to the battlefield. After 5 years in Gitmo, I doubt the people incarcerated have suddenly converted to mild mannered national honor students. So again I ask in all seriousness should we close Gitmo. What do we do with the people… does Obmama have any idea?

Do you believe wind and solar are the future of our energy infrastructure? Keep in mind, there are no credible sources that show wind or solar as being competitive with hydrocarbons at any point in the future. And that is based on simply comparing the cost of generating power with hydrocarbons with the cost of creating energy from solar or wind. But this comparison is flawed. See…. you can’t store electricity and the best locations for solar and wind are 100’s of miles from any infrastructure to get the power to the consumer. So do you really believe solar and wind are viable today? How about 10 years from now?

Are you really willing to pay more for electricity to cut down on naturally occurrning CO2? As we know, generating power produces carbon dioxide. Obama wants to cap the amount of CO2 permitted and charge a penalty if exceeded. The net effect will be higher electricity costs. Oh… dirty little secret here… Obama is doing this in part to make solar and wind more competitive. By putting these penalties on hydrocarbon based electric generation you increase the overall cost. This will make solar and wind more competitive, but the competitive model is being concocted by government. But I ask do you really want to pay more for electricity?

Do you really believe global warming is man made? What makes you believe this… the media, Obama, or the countless uneducated experts running around writing books on the topic? The science behind global warming is often questionable… and everyone knows the earth’s temperature varies over time. It has been hotter and far colder in the past. But the “warming nutz” think we can predict the weather 100 years from now, yet my local weather man can’t predict the weather next weekend. So do you really believe in global warming and do you believe man is responsible?

Do you believe in all the rights you are entitled to through our Constitution and Bill of Rights? I do… do you even know what those rights are? If you know your rights, then why would you allow the government to slowly erode these rights by challenging free speech, by restricting possession of guns, by confiscating wealth, by taking away land rights, by abdicating our sovernity to illegal immigrants, by forcing our children to be taught history that is patently false and misleading, by calling for caps on CEO salaries… and on and on.

Do you really believe the media is objective? Listen closely and you will find that news is reported in a fashion to support a particular political opinion… and is nothing more than an opinion devoid of objectivity. So again do you believe the media is unbiased? I believe the “press” has become largely “paid activists” without regard to reporting the news.

I really doubt if you sat down and thought about these things logically and reasonably, that you would believe anything I have posed as a question… YET most American’s are passively ignoring issue impacting their pursuit of life liberty and happiness, and worse they are allowing others to form your own opinions on critical issues. Sad!!! Wake up America,

Hear ye, hear ye…

Now is the time for all good men of this great nation of the United States of America to come to the immediate aid of this Country. Not since the Civil War has this nation been more challenged. The Civil War tested whether this nation or any nation could endure a war among its member States and citizen. A war of testing whether a national Constitution could hold a Union together. Today, we are engaged in a new battle, one far more difficult to combat. A war for the hearts and minds of all Americans. I am sincerely afraid, the majority’s silence has led to a takeover of our government by radical left wing idealogues who believe we need not only equality of opportunity, but equality of outcome… and worse yet these leftists believe they know better than you know… how to live your life.

I say to those who wish to impose their views upon us, you are tinkering with revolution. The silent majority is about to awaken and take back this country; and the insane politically correct bullshit of the past 10 years will come to an abrupt end. Those who “tread on me” do so at their own peril and the peril of millions in the slient majority. The time has come for we silent majority to step up and vote out all incumbents in 2010 and 2012… Pelosi and Reid should be the first two targets of removal as part of our goal of returning our government to the people. Obama should be the next amatuerish unprincipled politician eliminated from the political landscape. Return him to his corrupt cronies in Chicago. Sure… many may read this blog and scoff at what is written. But if those who disagree ever thought about the issues facing this country from a logical humanitarian vantage point, rather the an elistist, know-it-all, feel good vantage point, they could not possibly believe the rhetoric and the policies being proposed by our Government. Their rhetoric if allowed to become the new social order of this country will result in lesser wealth for all… and not just the so-called RICH!!!