computers and the human brain

To answer this one needs to understand what role they play today. Suffice to say computer technology plays a role in nearly every aspect of our lives. Without computer technology our current lifestyle would be impossible. In the United States computer technology has become the fundamental building block of society whether we like it or not. But I am more interested In the direct connection between computets and humans. It has been argued the search engines have become an extension to our brains. Today it is simply unnecessary to store vast quantities of knowledge in our heads, instead we need to be able to criticality analyze the data and knowledge search engine provide. This may seem incidental but it actually is profound. Google has given hjmans exponential growth in access to information thus freeing the human mind for higher order or level thinking. Imagine a nanotechnology computer wired into ones brain whereby Google searches could be done with only the need for a Internet access point. To me even this… while profound is only a modest step towards integrating the human brain with technology. The implications of just the 2 concepts I mentioned likely will have monumental impact on the human brain and may lead to evolutionary changes in our brains. Imagine a 5 year old possessing the equivalent of the library of Congress on a miniature hard drive implanted in his brain. How would the child brain adapt? Ponder my question and I think you will quickly see just how profoundly different our lives might become