Green Dumb Deal and Reality

This Country is embarking on an insane magical mystery tour cooked up by Democrat nitwits currently in Congress. They want the United States to go “green” for all its energy needs including automobiles. If any of these idiot savants had ever seriously investigated this idea they would know that everyone reading this blog will be dead by the time “green” takes hold particularly in the automobile realm. Just one single and simple fact should tell us that electric cars becoming a dominant source of transportation anytime soon is delusional. No one is talking about this. You ask what is it? The fact is the United States has 283 MILLION gasoline and diesel vehicles on the road. How in the hell are we going to build enough vehicles to satisfy this need in the next 10, 20, or 30 years? Further, as these vehicles are replaced where are they gonna go? Many of these vehicles would be perfect additions to a family with a teenage driver thereby eliminating the need for an EV. And assuming we went on a production binge in electric vehicles, how in the hell can we build 283 MILLION vehicles in any reasonable timeframe. Lastly, where is the electricity grid big enough to handle these new vehicles? The need for electricity will likely double from my research… and while you would expect the demand to be off-peak, demand is going to outstrip the current power plant base and wiring already in place. Who’s gonna pay 60k for an electric vehicle and then pay astronomical prices for electricity because that’s what we are talking. Wind and solar are meaningless to this discussion. They are too unreliable despite what dumbbells in the environmental movement have you believe. I am just sayin… the outlook for electric vehicles in our lifetime is not rosy…

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