I am sick and tired of the gross exaggerations spewed by politicians and the liberal media…

If you have watched the news at any point since Trump met Putin, you have no doubt heard the gross absurdity of people like Hillary Clinton, and a gaggle of liberal simpletons.  It’s getting tiresome… really!  Hillary Clinton,  my favorite “plastic banana” metaphorically of course, actually said Trumps comments at his news conference with Putin was: … Continue reading

WTF is going on with Democrats and the commie liberal media…

I am furious how the democrats are turning illegal immigration into a political brownie point.  Democrats could resolve the issue, but instead being the political HACKs they are, they are doing nothing except sowing acrimony and outrageous claims of our immigration actions being akin to “Nazi Germany”.  Democrats and the media are claiming Trump is maliciously separating families in the … Continue reading

There are Presidents and there’s Trump?

Trump is by far the most unusual President I have experienced in my 58 years on this planet.  That said, I wanted to take a look back at the various Presidents during my lifetime and attempt to recall public sentiment, events of the day and facts that are not widely known or shared.  And in the process set the … Continue reading

Affordable Care? Seriously

I have had medical insurance all my life and I am 57.  Until these past 2 years, medical insurance was somewhat reasonably priced.  And I actually got to use it to cover expenses, like paying for prescriptions.  Now that the disaster coined “Obamacare” is in full force, I may have to… for the first time in … Continue reading