Biden is simply an IDIOT!!!

Originally posted on Chuck Tyson's Texas Tea:
First I have no idea why Biden ever ran for President as he is simply dilusional about his experience and judgment. He has shown to be an embellisher of facts, events, conversations… you name it. The guy is just a train wreck. So Biden runs for President…

Do you really know racism when you see it?

There have been 2 events claimed to be racist during Trump’s term thus far.  First we had the Muslim racist allegations against Trump followed now by illegal immigrant racist allegations. I couldn’t be more sickened by the utter stupidity of the media.  They are either pretending to be stupid and uneducated or they really are … Continue reading

I am sick and tired of the gross exaggerations spewed by politicians and the liberal media…

If you have watched the news at any point since Trump met Putin, you have no doubt heard the gross absurdity of people like Hillary Clinton, and a gaggle of liberal simpletons.  It’s getting tiresome… really!  Hillary Clinton,  my favorite “plastic banana” metaphorically of course, actually said Trumps comments at his news conference with Putin was: … Continue reading