Offensive TV Commercials

Let me ask you if you consider TV commercials covering the following topics offensive?
  1. You’ve got the shitz
  2. You piss your pants all the time
  3. You have to run to toilet to piss all the time and sometimes when you are hangin out with your gay friends you have to interrupt your badminton tournament to piss, but then it is only a weak piss, so you have to go again later in the match.  Basically you piss inconsistently.
  4. You have dingle berries
  5. You have a burning and itchy anus
  6. You have difficulty taking a shit… i.e. your stool is hard
  7. You have a limp dick
  8. You are farting all the time plus the shitz
  9. you are bloated, plus farts and shitz
  10. You have problems with your prostate being enlarged so go to your doctor so he can stick fingers up your ass to see if it cancer or some other fuckin disgusting problem
  11. I don’t even want to list all the fuckin women bullshit disgusting commercials…
I am fuckin embarrassed to watch the goddam commercials by myself… let alone if there is anyone nearby.   What is going on in this Country?  Is there nothing private, nothing too disgusting to just let it alone!!!!   I can’t think of any disgusting topic that has not been covered… Oh colostomy bags.  We haven’t covered that yet… I am sure there is a designer shit bag that will make me feel better about carrying piss and shit around in a bag attached to my hip pocket. 
And then don’t even mention all the drug commercials where the side effects are worse than the problem being treated… blood shooting out of your eyes, explosive discharges, death, blindness… and do I really need to know this?   Surely, if I go to the doctor the dumbfuck knows explosive discharges are part of the problems with the drug.  My god, if he doesn’t know that why the fuck would he prescribe the drug. 
UPDATE: I just saw a commercial about a woman who smoked and got intestinal cancer and had to wear a colostomy bag.  She describes all the unpleasantness in graphic detail.  Luckily for me the commercial came on right as I sat down for dinner.  Now let it be said that Chuck Tyson feels terrible about the poor woman with cancer.  She was a lovely lady, but do I really need this type of commercial.  Who the fuck doesn’t know smoking will kill your ass.  Making me wanna hurl is not going increase my knowledge of cancer.   Cancer sucks donkey dicks.  End of story.

Propaganda pays, ambivalence doesn’t…

I find myself slowly becoming more and more ambivalent about being an American.  It seems everywhere I look, everywhere I listen and everywhere I go, someone or some group is attempting to get my attention.  They want my attention so they can attempt to influence me into believing their propaganda.  Why?  Propaganda pays, ambivalence doesn’t.  If I am ambivalent about a matter or issue, I cannot be counted on to support the other’s propaganda.  And these attention junkies need yours and my support to raise money  and multiply.  Sadly, as with most things: “It’s all about the money, not the issue”.  So in my opinion, we need more ambivalence.  The more ambivalence the smaller the paycheck becomes for these blood sucking special interest groups.

COPS!! What are they good for?

If you are like me, you no doubt have encountered a COP.  COP’s are different than Police in my opinion.  COPS give police a bad name.  Cops are police with ego.  Cops enjoy flexing their ability to harass citizens with total impunity.  Rather than “protecting and serving” the citizenry, COPS harass and abuse the citizenry.  COPS are petty.  COPS are the police that patrol dark intersections… not for crime, but for petty and meaningless traffic violations or parking infractions or skateboarding on the sidewalk.  Basically I would have to say COPS were those kids in grade school that got wedgies or swirlies.  NOW that they are allegedly adults, it’s payback time.  COPS can be your worst nightmare.  COPS can find a way to turn something silly like jaywalking into crime.  Oh sure there are laws against jaywalking, and sure we need laws to remain civilized, we don’t need COPS.  COPS are a nuisance and a waste of tax dollars.  COPS are nothing more than revenue agents because at their core COPS measure their success based on fines rather than crime.  Crime doesn’t pay, parking tickets do!  Think about it: “Which generates more revenue a murder or a parking ticket?  PARKING TICKET!  Murder costs money, lots of money.  Therefore given government’s insatiable need for revenue, sadly COPS will grow in numbers over time, and police will decline.  Why?  Because COPS generate new money, police cost money.  Crime doesn’t pay… literally.  So in closing, I suggest police be respected as they are the only thing between us and genuine criminals. COPS deserve no respect rather disdain, as they contort ordinary citizens into criminals.  COPS are good for nothing, absolutely nothing.

Who cares about Lesbians Gays Bisexuals or Transgender (LGBT’s) ?

I care about LGBT people… but only to the extent they are humans.  I care about all humans, but I could care less whether people identify with being a LGBT or not.  At less than 4% of the population, LGBT’s should stop yelling and parading and get on with their lives.  No one cares particularly me  (see website  And you thought 25% of the population was gay!!! Yes… a survey of Americans discovered that a typical American actually believes that 25% of the population is gay.

Isreal against the world

The title is misleading and is misleading purposefully. Today 4/7/14 Israel invaded Gaza seeking out Hamas soldiers with the goal of eliminating Hamas soldiers and their military hardware. And every liberal or uninformed person reading this naturally presumes my title suggests and my opinion is that Israel is acting in a manner contrary to world view of the situation. And this presumption would be correct, but in my opinion this view is horribly wrong and dangerous for the world. Israel is acting precisely in a manner that any sovereign nation would act given the situation on the ground in Gaza. And rather than sympathizing with those killed in this war and blaming Israel, the flip opposite should be occurring. The families of those killed should condemn the true perpetrators of death and rise up against the true cause of their misery… that being Hamas. Hamas is a cowardess terrorist group that hides behind women and children for the sheer purpose of causing their death so as to portray Israel as barbarians. This being said the world media is lapping up this propaganda like a dog lost in the desert. Death is part of war, and at some point in any conflict collateral damage will occur. One cannot fault an opponent for killing innocent people when despite their best efforts to avoid collateral damage their opponent immerses themselves in the midst of their own civilians thus causing the deaths of innocent men, women and children. Sadly, if in war your opponent decides to use a strategy of hiding behind their own citizenry, one must blame those individuals for the deaths of the innocent. It is not reasonable to paint an opponent as a barbarian if they kill civilians if one side decides strategically to intersperse themselves among their own families and loved ones. Instead, the civilians should find ways to sabotage these cowards thus creating the potential that a victor occurs. In all my years I recall countless fracases between Israel and Palestine. Regardless of the events that have led to today’s geographic layout of the area in Gaza and the surrounding area, peace will never be possible unless a victor does not arise from the seemingly ongoing war between the Israelis and Palestine’s Hamas terrorists. And the best possible outcome for the world is for an Israeli victory. Israel is… in my opinion, justified in going into Gaza and any surrounding areas harboring Hamas and with overwhelming force obliterate Hamas and any person supporting Hamas. And if innocent people are killed, Hamas should be held responsible. Israel has allowed Hamas to rain down barrage after barrage of missiles into their Country and have not matched these bombings with equal force. So I say all Americans should support Israel’s move into Gaza and the complete annihilation of Hamas and their supporters. Americans would never put up with constant anarchy of bombs being lobbed into our Country indiscriminately without responding with overwhelming force, therefore we cannot condemn Israel if they choose to annihilate Hamas, rather American’s should be encouragingIsrael as Hamas is nothing more than an extension of the same terrorist group that bombed our Trade Center on 9/1.

Trump and Perot

Presume for a  moment that Bush and Clinton get the nominations.  So that would shape up to be exactly like 92 candidates.  In ’92 Perot cost Bush the Presidency a second term as he got 19% of the votes which is incredible.  Is Trump the modern day Perot?  Trump and Perot are worth Billions respectively.  Both have qualities that Conservatives like economically and politically in terms of reducing lobbyists ability to buy Congress.  Anyway, while Trump says he won’t run as an independent 3rd party candidate, I would not rule it out.  Look at Perot’s success as a 3rd party… and if Trump is really Perot spelled differently Bush should worry.  This would be history repeated in some odd sense.  Of course look at Jimmy Carter.  Obama reminds me of Carter.  Some have said Obama has a similar economic record i.e. lousy no growth.  So history does repeat itself if you assume the premise.  Will Trump be the spoiler?