Is there no limit to what politicians will give away

My god… is there no limit to what politicians will promise to give you if you vote for them.   Who in the hell is going to pay for all these giveaways?  If you look at the “true” national debt which includes IOU’s to Social Security, our debt is $53 trillion.  Who in the hell is going to pay for this?  And every day there is a new giveaway program being offered as a solution to every little problem American’s might endure.  My god what are we thinking here?  This is just pure and outright absurdity.   We gotta cut spending dramatically if we have any hope of getting our financial house in order.  Instead, all I hear is about new programs to help every little problem that comes along the road of life.  Whatever happened to “self-reliance”?  This has got to STOP!!!  Enough is enough!  Grow up people… life is hard.  And sometimes your problems are because you are just STUPID!!!  We can’t solve stupidity… but what I hear today is that we now are expected to solve stupidity.  I give up… Forest Gump was right when he said: “stupid is as stupid does”  Forest Gump was a true American even if he was fictional.  Forest Gump imbued the values and determination of real Americans.

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