Dumb and Dumber

Nancy Pelosi has to be the highest ranking dumbell in the entire world.  This woman has literally no idea what she is doing.  She is so partisan… can’t she suspend the partisan politics for 30seconds.  So I refer to her as Dumb… now, Dumber is Harry Reed.  Does this guy have a pulse?  How in the world did this guy get to Majority Leader.  He wouldn’t stand out at a convention of “deaf mutes”… his feeble voice and insane comments make me want to puke.  Dumb and Dumber don’t know the difference between a punch bowl and a toilet bowl.  I wish Americans would wise up and kick every single incumbent out of office.  No matter who they are… kick them out and replace them with their opponent.  Let’s just get brand new blood in there regardless of party.  Just get rid of the bums… they are stupid beyond imagination.  I understand economic theory and practice better than the dim-wits in Congress that are making laws regulating and manipulating our economy.   Dammit… when are Americans going to wake up?  We need to start the rebellion against our government by first dumping Dumb and Dumber… then get rid of the rest of the bums in next first opportunity!!!!  Are you with me?

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