Socialisms tipping point nearing for U.S.

Socialism is defined as government ownership of the means of production. Marxism’s guiding principle is: from each according to their ability; to each according to their need. While people tend to scoff at the notion the United States is heading toward a more socialist form of government, it is clear that is the direction this country is headed… particularly if the Democrats control both the executive and legislative branch. And to make things more alarming, the Democrats are likely to appoint 2 judges which would create a situation where even the judicial branch of government would become more liberal or socialist leaning.

The tipping point will be the election of 2008. I define the tipping point as the point where the citizenry not only desire, but demand the government “spread the wealth”. And I fear that the number of citizens who look to the government to solve their problems now exceeds the number of citizens who prefer to solve their own problems. If this occurs, within 12 years the job creation capacity of the United States will have moved dramatically offshore. Americans need to wise up or someday we are going to find the ability to work hard and create a high standard of living for one’s family will have slipped away. As with any concept or philosophy change is slow, but once the tipping point is reached the conversion to the new philosophy is very rapid and dramatic similar to an avalanche. Wake up America… we don’t want our government to own our industries nor do we want to “redistribute” wealth at the whims of politicians.

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