Commemorative coins showing Obama on them are appalling…

And my guess is that some entrepreneurial white guy is behind this crazy, insulting charade. Any simpleton that buys a commemorative coin, should ask themselves WHY??? What could possibly be meaningful about owning a silly coin with Obama’s picture on it?  How about a commemorative plate? My guess… same stupid white guy scheme… And you know, what really bugs me is that Obama must approve of these silly trinkets to bear his likeness. otherwise, I doubt this could be sold. Who is this Obama guy?  I am a lowly worker bee, and I would never allow some charlatan to hock my likeness simply to make a fast buck… yet Obama does?   To be honest I don’t recognize this country anymore… what ever happened to common decency and integrity?  Today it seems the guiding principle this country subscribes to is:  “Anything for a buck… including a Senate seat”.

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