Obama could not be more fundamentally wrong…

Obama could not be more wrong about almost every issue. Yet it is my belief the man is far too intelligent to hold the beliefs he espouses. I struggle to reconcile Obama’s apparent intellect with his apparent lack of “real world” understanding of most issues. I can only conclude the man has found himself between a rock and a hard place… and forced to say and do things that are out of character for a man of such intellect. Seemingly, he does not understand even the basics of Economics 101. We all know, the Government does not create jobs. And when the government spends money it takes money out of circulation in order to purchase things. Granted there is a short-term stimulus or multiplier on this money when it returns to the private sector, but it is nothing more than a short-term reaction to an infusion of money supply. Further his approach to stimulating the economy is 180 degrees opposite of his campaign rhetoric. My observation of the macroeconomic effects of Obama’s so-called stimulus is nothing more than simply “kicking a can down the road”. It heaps monstrous debt on our children and will not change the economic climate meangingfully. Bottom-line, the economy has to sort out the problems it is now experiencing through the “invisible hand” that Adam Smith talked about in Wealth of Nations over 100 years ago. And government was not Adam Smith’s solution to wealth creation then, nor is it the solution today. Self reliance is a personal key to personal success and capitalism is the economic model that gives each of us the ability to create a comfortable life for our families and ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Obama could not be more fundamentally wrong…

  1. seriously sir, read my blog entries. I’m on line with you. as far as the patton thing, well, patton needed to win a war for the fate of the world. He was justified in saying any damned thing he wanted. The end results justified the means. Scholars and academics might say Hitler did the same thing, but they seldom look at what the end results are supposed to be. Patton was, as a nerd might say, Captain Kirk.

  2. “if they are on the battlefield, and they have attacked your country, and they are shooting at you, then they are guilty. Kill the bastards.”

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