The Gay/Lesbian Lifestyle is a choice and should be treated like a disease…

This headline should generate a frenzy of responses as the conventional wisdom is that Gays are naturally gay and have no choice. Further, by denying their sexuality, Gays are being untrue to oneself; therefore, Gays should celebrate and embrace the homosexual lifestyle. My understanding is that homosexuals argue being gay is not a choice, since it is genetic encoding.

Let’s examine the above premise. The premise is that because homosexuality is genetic, then one should not attempt to abstain from what nature has encoded in one’s genes. And I might add, I do believe that homosexuality is genetic, but just because something is genetic does not require one to observe such behavior.

By the logic espoused by homosexuals, if one has a predisposition to become an alchoholic, one should not deny this tendency, but rather should embrace this behavior. Is not alcoholism genetic? Let’s take this logic a step further, if one is a pedophile, according to the homosexual logic, one should embrace their genetic tendencies. Any mental health issue when viewed through this homosexual prism would be ignored as these diseases are genetic. What about a cleft palette? This is a genetic deformity, but should one simply ignore the medical advances that can improve the appearance. What about diabetes? Do we treat diabetes or ignore. So I think you quickly see the flaw in the homosexual logic.

In summary, while I do believe homosexuality is genetic, that does not naturally follow that one embrace the lifestyle. Much like any other disease, homosexuality can be treated and can be abstained from participation. But the treating the disease is clearly a choice, not an inevitability. I see no need to make the case that homosexuality is a disease as the behavior is abhorrent and unnatural despite being genetic. Therefore, I believe that homosexuals should seek treatment rather than accept the lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “The Gay/Lesbian Lifestyle is a choice and should be treated like a disease…

  1. I don’t know if your Christian making this argument but I’m an Darwinist (Social Darwinist to be precise) and yes I do believe it is a a disease.

    However I do not believe it is curable or treatable. Like alcoholism, there is no known cure for homosexuality. There is a difference between treatment and cure–I feel that you failed to distinguish that in your post. That doesn’t excuse homosexuality, because yes, many people automatically tie “if it isn’t fixable it ain’t need fixing.”

    There is no known treatment for homosexuality and social conditioning (ie Christian Ex-gay groups) have had very low “success.”

    Yes there are many bad genetic diseases, but the problem is that science hasn’t found a way to cure genetic disease due to the chromatin being on a molecular level.

    All in all I agree with you and it is great to see people who don’t conform to political correctness. Science should be about truth with no bias.

    • Sorry for not responding earlier, but I do believe there is treatment for homosexuality… just as there is treatment from alcoholism. Both can be labeled diseases without cures, but there are treatments. Treatment is simple… but tests one’s will power. The treatment is abstinence… pure and simple. The treatment is difficult because it is rooted in genetics, but through perserverence, one can abstain and thereby treat their disease. Beyond abstinence, there are few options to deal with homosexuality or any other lifestyle genetic abmormality.

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