Attended A Tea Party… Good turnout, but no media…

Attended small rally in Lisle Illinois where about 750 common folks gathered and talked about our OUT OF CONTROL GOVERNMENT. The consensus seems to be increasingly a move to “term limit” Congress. And to start the term limiting we throw all current members of Congress out on their ass. These people don’t deserve to polish our shoes the way they behave. They are arrogant, elitist pinheads. Most have never held real jobs, never balanced a budget, randomly pay taxes, follow none of the laws we common folks have to follow, spend our money like drunken idiots and want our respect. PLEASE!!!!

Anyway, the Tea Party was awesome and was truly grassroots, unlike most of the lefty “rent-a-mob” rallies paid for by Hollyweird types or George “Treasonous” Soros. Not surprisingly there was no media… local or national at our event. And personally I thought 750 people was a lot of people for a little town like Lisle… but the media has decided that these true grassroot rallies are phony and so they are not covering the events.

While I have written many blogs about the brilliance and genius of our founders, the one thing they could not foresee was a “free press” that becomes an activist “press”. Once this happens… once the “press” becomes just another activist group with a political bent to everything they print as news, then our “check on government power” becomes impotent. The founders new how to set up a government structure that is at odds with itself resulting often in inaction. But inaction often times is exactly what is needed rather than government interference. And a “free press” plays a meaningful role in shaping public opinion and influencing politicians to legislate for the greatest good of the public. Unfortunately, the “press” has lost its role in this vital component of a vibrant capitalist democracy. What we have now is polarization and ambivalence by the public as the public no longer influences its elected leaders. Our elected leaders are influenced more by elistist pinhead activist media, than they are influenced by the voters. What’s even more disturbing is that our citizens, have been corrupted by “activist reporters” and have adopted moronic attitudes on critical issues. These moronic attitudes are completely devoid of fact or logic, and if the attitudes or perspectives grow, this country will without a shadow of a doubt become socialist.

I see the seeds of socialism all around me… and when I hear school kids voting in favor of socialism over capitalism, I shudder. I shudder because no rationale person would choose socialism over capitalism if one understood the principles and differences between each economic model. What this tells me is that our kids have been erroneously taught that socialism is a better model.

Coupling a failed government, a bankrupt treasury, an activist press, and brain-washed uneducated masses can one really question the probability that we are indeed running headlong into a socialistic model for our economoy? It is intiutive that socialism is the natural order of things when you consider the “perfect storm” of factors impacting the future.

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