is just another Obama sham from what I see…

Obama just can’t help himself. He is the most polished gaffe master in the history of this Country. How dare he suggest people sign up to serve this Country when he is doing everything under the sun to destroy it. The last thing anyone should do right now is devote themselves to helping this government in any fashion. Let me share just a few ways Obama is destroying the United States:

1.) Bankruptcy through 10 trillion in new debt
2.) Creeping socialism through nationalization of healthcare
3.) Insane suggestions we invest more money in education when we have already waste trillions with no discernible results.
4.) Ruination of the auto industry by government meddling and ownership
5.) Federalization of Banks… a recipe for total and absolute meltdown of the economy

And now this snake oil salesman wants us to join his stupid government sponsored service program? Please!!! How dare Obama get on television with commercials about how Americans can get a piece of the American dream by dedicating themselves to USAService… this is your typical community organizer telling us he knows what we need if only we “step up” and take his challenge. FUCK HIM!!! He should stop destroying our economy and our cultural heritage and leave national service to those who truly understand the concept i.e. the military.

I just cannot believe what I see out of this guy. He is more radical than we ever imagined and yes… your friends influence your thought processes. Obama hung aaround with radical America hate mongers, and is slowly… incrementally trying to reorganize the United States in the image of Europe. WHY!!! WHY screw with near perfection in government organizational structure?

The Constitution of the United States will go down in History as the most impressive document ever written by mankind. It spells out the ideal formation of a government… it spells out a government of the people, by the people, for the people… this concept is unlike any other form of government in the world. Those brilliant men who wrote the document understood government is the enemy of the citizens; therefore, the government should have minimal power over its citizenry. Our founders knew what they were doing, regrettably our current crop of nit-wits in Washington have no idea what they are doing. Worse yet, the only person who knows what he wants is Obama… and make no mistake, Obama is dead set on destroying the fabric of the United States through his blatant disregard of the Constitution in favor of government control.

3 thoughts on “ is just another Obama sham from what I see…

  1. How do people like you sleep at night, or shave in the morning. I just can’t believe the blantent lies that you are spreading. Not only do you show how dishonest you are, but you make no attempt to hide what a racist you are and how you are trying to envoke racism for your cause against our president. I hope that uninformed people seek the truth and don’t let your lies influence them.

    • Facts are irrefutable and are friendly. Facts can be agreed upon and civilized people can have lively discourse. My facts with few exceptions are accurate, but name calling and silly innuendos about shaving only go to show your lack of intellect.

    • It’s been over 7 years since you responded to my post. I didn’t respond to your comments as I wanted it to age like the fine fish guts it is. You are a uneducated, uninformed person. I laid out factually my thesis. What did you do? Call me a racist. Well I a think you are a bigot homophobe. See it makes as much sense as your comments. Liberals can’t deal with facts, because facts are stubborn. Instead you resort to name calling… it’s getting BORING Joe Joe. Oh you lost all credibility with me when you misspelled “invoke”.

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