The word “stupid” and Congress have finally become synonymous…

What in the hell are these people thinking… do they have any idea what they are doing? Pick a subject and without exception you’d think someone with little more than a GED was writing the legislation. My god could we possibly get a more stupid crop of nit-wits as the current Congress? I am not sure it’s possible to find a greater collection of morons in a single location. My solution, and it is not mine alone is to pay each nit-wit in Congress $1MM to never step foot in Washington DC. If they so much as step their big tow across the DC boundary, they lose their $1MM. This is the only solution to ridding ouselves of the pathetic legislation being rushed through Congress. Term limits are the actual solution, but these bastards, will never vote for this as they would no longer be able to sit on their fat asses and tell us in a sanctimonious and pompous way, they know better than we, what we want. Vote all incumbents out, pay they to stay away, or term limits… but we have got to get rid of these stupid people who have become entrenched in running our government.

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