OMG the FED’s are going to back our currency with real estate!

Previously I wrote there were only 3 options to deal with the debt bomb Obama has single-handedly created: 1.) inflation 2.) bankruptcy or 3.) pay-off. Until this very second, the idea of me flying to the moon sounded more plausible than any of the options enumerated for paying off the Obama debt bomb. But this very second, armed with months and months of watching and studying this man Obama and his debt bomb it HIT ME! Obama is going to use our vast federal inventory of land to securitize our debt and allow for greater amounts of debt so he can in turn finance his socialist programs. (Don’t close your brain, just because I say a word with “social” in it. Face it, Obama is a socialist by strict definition) Obama is going to prevent our country from becoming a third-world country by selling and/or giving away land in exchange for currency. American’s this is a horrific idea and we need to stop Obama and anyone associated with him from advancing any idea that gives non-American governments portions of our country.

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