A world without the United States

Dictators become the primary governmental order… and Big Mac’s are the second order of business. I think we can safely say dictators and Big Macs would become the New World Order without the grace of god this Country has bestowed on the world. Oh but we have done so many many many terrible things in the name of “good intentions”… you know like Russia.

So when you professorial jackasses ponder the big pictures like who wins the next episode of Spiderman, stop for a minute and image a world comprised of dictators and Big Mac’s. Why? Without the United States that’s what we will have. And the Big Mac’s will not be available in Africa except to Somali pirates. Lovely world where freedom rings!!!

2 thoughts on “A world without the United States

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    • If by the text […] you mean living under tyranny and grinding poverty, then we are in complete agreement

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