My Position on Issues of the Day

After 50 years, and advanced degrees in business and geology, I think that qualifies me to speak out on things I see happening in the United States… that if left unchecked can destroy a great nation. Here is a brief summary of my issues.

1.) I strongly am against “cap and trade”… is there anyone in our government who studies the past or are these people prone to repeat the mistakes of the past due to shear arrogance and stupidity. I am a past Enron employee and we tried to develop a market trading emissions. It sounds good… and lots of uninformed people, like President Obama like to paint this as a panacea, but they are dead wrong. Enron spent millions developing a trading platform and functioned as a market maker trying to get emission trading to become a liquid and viable way of controlling pollution. It failed miserably… there was no liquidity, i.e. no counterparties willing to take the risk on the opposite of the transaction. So Obama comes in 18 years later and thinks he knows how to create a new market for trading emissions. Say what you want, Enron did have the smartest people in the room, but even they couldn’t figure out how to deal with the lack of liquidity and the logistic of trading one region with another.

2. I am opposed to national healthcare. The government has failed every time they have tried to develop innovative programs. Take Social Security… it has become nothing more than a monstrous PONZI scheme. Not to mention where are all the medical personnel suddenly in 2014 appear on the scene to handle as Obama claims is 30 million people. Even a 5 year old could figure this one… it aint gonna happen.

3.) I am opposed in the most vehement way the crushing debt bomb Obama has created in less than 2 years. Again a 5 year old could figure out, you can’t spend money you don’t have.

4.) I am opposed to any increase in taxes… federal, state, county, local… all of these taxing bodies are living beyond their means and need to cut taxes while cutting spending.

6.) I oppose any increase in spending for education… to the contrary I would cut spending and give the extra money to families. The problem is not the teachers, its the kids. They are coming to school each day with no interest in learning. Why? They see little value in an education in large population of the big cities. Education is a waste of their time and it shows in their demeanor, and lack of respect for nearly any institution of the United States. So stop spending more money, and start giving families the money to allow them to spend time with their children mentoring them and helping them see the benefits of education. Teachers for the most part are nothing more than people with knowledge to impart to their students. But if the student is not listening, more money is not going to change that.

7.) I oppose stimulus monies. Obama has adopted the keynesian approach to dealing with economic downturns. In Keynes theory, in times of downturn, the government would step in and create jobs in the hope of jump starting the economy… one little detail that our uneducated President has failed to understand is that Keynes entire theory presumed the goverment possessed a surplus of monies they had saved for a “rainy day”… gues what we are broke, and Keynsian strategies backfire without the surplus. Instead of stimulating the economy, you only increase the debt which ultimately will lead to higher interest rates and inflation. Another perfect example of our pathetic leaders not even understanding economic principles. I sincerely wonder how much Obama and the Congress really understand about the complexity of running the worlds largest economy. Management of our economy is not for the weak of heart and mind.

8.) I oppose any form of amnesty for illegals and would deport all illegals unless their are legitimate moral or ethical reason to allow them to stay. These illegals are stealing jobs from Americans… and any simpleton who claims American’s won’t work at these jobs, has their head up their ass.

9.) I strongly support term limits for Congress and recalling of our governor if the governor unable to perform their duties due to any substantive reason. At the federal level, nothing could straighten out our dysfunctional government more than term limits. I believe this is the issue of the day. We have got to get rid of lifetime Congressmen…they simply cannot do the right thing as they are corrupted by lobbyists. Cut terms, and you’ll suddenly Congress doing the right thing, not the suggestion of their favorite lobbyist. This is the single best way of the citizenry to regain control of our government. 2 terms and you are out…

10.) I support tort reform. This country has graduated so many attorneys that we have attorneys throwing lawsuits up against the wall to see if they can extort money from companies who would rather payoff the plaintiff rather than fight

11.) I oppose earmarks. They are nothing more than a way to show a Congressman’s efforts to grab money for their State at the expense of others. No earmarks should be allowed and Congress needs to look not only at the issues of their constituents, but the greater good for the Country.

12.) I was against TARP

13.) I am furiously opposed to the government stepping in and bailing out GM ad Chrysler. Let the free market determine who wins and who loses.

14.) I support wiretapping of known Al-queuda member or sypathysers.

15.) I support confining enemy combatants at Gitmo and I do not believe detainees are entitled to any protections afforded American citizens.

16.) I support drilling for energy anywhere and everywhere.

17.) I am against the novelty feel-good nonsense surrounding solar and wind power. Both require significant subsidies to be competitive and frankly are of no value. Understand something. Electricity companies have a spinning reserve of 10% of their maximum daily demand. What this means is that in sleepy dog days of August when the temperature soars to 100, the utility has enough power to meet the load required plus they have an additonal 10%. The rest of the time, the utility has significant power available but not being used. For example in the winter a utility will use about 40% of their power generation capacity. 60 percent is idled for lack of demand. Solar and wind simply displace fossile fueled power plants, but they do nothing to help on that dog day in August. There’s a funny phenomenon with wind… when its hot there litlte to know wind which means on that dog day, wind can’t be relied upon. Solar can provide power on those dog days, but it’s merely displacing power already available to the utility through ownership of power plants. Given this, I am completely opposed to solar and wind because they do almost nothing to help meet the peak day needs. And both require subsidies to make economic sense.

18.) I am strongly in support of a wall between Meixco and the US. The wall should be virtually inpenetrable. 1 would support a wall that is 10 feet below ground and 20 feet above ground. The wall would have razor wire and would have a camera system to watch activities along the fence. You bleeding heart liberals ask yourself if it more or less humane for the US to build a substantive wall between our country. The wall will stop COLD in its tracks the continuing trickle of illegals. I know… there are those who say walls never stopped anyone. Well news alert, the Israeilis don’t have immigration problems. Sure they have stray rockets hitting their communities, but that is a different issue than keeping people out of the country.


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