I know how to stimulate the economy…

Obama handed out 800 billion in cash to this Country in the form of government projects or in his words shovel ready jobs. We all know that was a joke that even he admitted, i.e. shovel ready jobs. But all that money didn’t stiimulate the economy because it went into bureaucrat hands and not the publics hands. YOU WANT TO STIMULATE THE ECONOMY???  Simple!!!  There are 315 million Americans.  We spent 800 billion.  That 800 billion equates to $2540 for every man, women and child in this Country.  Imagine a family of 4 getting $10,000.   Can you imagine the economic stimulus that would have on our economy.  Most people  would buy stuff with the money which is exactly what we need.  We are a consumption driven economy and if you want to increase consumption give people money, don’t tax them.  I know this sounds far fetched, but compared to the results Obama got using his stimulus, I would rather have taken the risk my plan would have turned this Country around as opposed to Obama’s plan.  Of course now we know Obama’s plan was a gigantic catastrophe that created meaningless debt.  My plan would create meaningful debt as the debt I create, has a multimplier effect and not only flows throughout our economy, but the world economy.  Don’t forget we are the largest consumer in the world.  800 billion in the hands of consuming people would stimulate the world economoy too which again has a multiplier effect on the money given out.  I think my plan has more merit than any plan I have heard so far… that’s why it will never happen.  

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