COPS!! What are they good for?

If you are like me, you no doubt have encountered a COP.  COP’s are different than Police in my opinion.  COPS give police a bad name.  Cops are police with ego.  Cops enjoy flexing their ability to harass citizens with total impunity.  Rather than “protecting and serving” the citizenry, COPS harass and abuse the citizenry.  COPS are petty.  COPS are the police that patrol dark intersections… not for crime, but for petty and meaningless traffic violations or parking infractions or skateboarding on the sidewalk.  Basically I would have to say COPS were those kids in grade school that got wedgies or swirlies.  NOW that they are allegedly adults, it’s payback time.  COPS can be your worst nightmare.  COPS can find a way to turn something silly like jaywalking into crime.  Oh sure there are laws against jaywalking, and sure we need laws to remain civilized, we don’t need COPS.  COPS are a nuisance and a waste of tax dollars.  COPS are nothing more than revenue agents because at their core COPS measure their success based on fines rather than crime.  Crime doesn’t pay, parking tickets do!  Think about it: “Which generates more revenue a murder or a parking ticket?  PARKING TICKET!  Murder costs money, lots of money.  Therefore given government’s insatiable need for revenue, sadly COPS will grow in numbers over time, and police will decline.  Why?  Because COPS generate new money, police cost money.  Crime doesn’t pay… literally.  So in closing, I suggest police be respected as they are the only thing between us and genuine criminals. COPS deserve no respect rather disdain, as they contort ordinary citizens into criminals.  COPS are good for nothing, absolutely nothing.

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