I am sick and tired of the gross exaggerations spewed by politicians and the liberal media…

If you have watched the news at any point since Trump met Putin, you have no doubt heard the gross absurdity of people like Hillary Clinton, and a gaggle of liberal simpletons.  It’s getting tiresome… really!  Hillary Clinton,  my favorite “plastic banana” metaphorically of course, actually said Trumps comments at his news conference with Putin was: “equivalent to Pearl Harbor”.  Really?  Can she possibly be serious?  Does she even know what happened at Pearl Harbor?  Seriously!!!    To use a cliche: “Actions speak louder than words”.   To put it another way: “Words can never be equivalent to actions… EVER!!!”  At Pearl Harbor 100’s of AMERICAN SOLDIERS were actually killed and numerous battleships were destroyed.  That’s real… especially to the soldiers who died that day.  Trump using the word “would” versus “wouldn’t” cannot forever be equivalent to Pearl Harbor.  Oh sure I believe he distrusts our intelligence agencies which his word usage at the Putin press conference clearly suggested.  But I do too.  Don’t kid yourself, bias influences how one views  situations and I believe for time immemorial people in power or having power, have allowed their personal biases to cloud, if not consciously impact their judgment and actions.  And it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

In conclusion, these “galactical” (sic) over-the-top statements by Trumps opponents ie Hollyweird, talking heads, pundits, liberals, and the uninformed nitwits at large about Trump’s recent Putin press conference are fomenting anger in Americans, which I suspicion could lead to large-scale violence in 2020.


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