Trump is Behind Biden in National Polls, but don’t Despair…


The above table shows a very important statistic. It shows nationally that Biden hiding in his basement is ahead of Trump, who is working his ass off, but still Biden leads by margin of 51/45. One might despair thinking maybe that will stick. Don’t despair, there is an age old dictum in politics and that is: People vote “FOR candidates, NOT against candidates” Time immemorial, people voting against another candidate, tend not to vote as they are not enthusiastic about their vote. That said Trump is in fine shape as 66% of people choosing Trump are enthusiastic versus only 33% for Biden. Biden shows a whopping 66% of his voters are NOT voting for him, but against Trump. Now you get it? Trump’s people are gonna vote enthusiastically for the candidate and are more likely to turn out on election day.

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