Who will be the next President…..

Everyone is predicting Hillary Clinton will be the next President. I am not a fan of Hillary, but sadly this Country would have been drastically better off with her as President than Obama. Hillary had experience and would have had an ex-president that she could access at a minutes notice. Obama has always been in way way over his head. He doesn’t know one-third of what he purports to know. He has policy wonks that tell him what his positions are on every issue… and if you’ll notice when he wanders into uncharted policy issues he blunders miserably and has to “walk back” his comments and morph them into politically correct plausible policies. Not so much with Hillary, she knows a little bit about policy making and has genuine convictions and positions on important issues. Obama is just too inexperienced and he is so pompous he does not listen and learn, thus these past 5 years have not advanced his thinking on issues of the day. And how he continues to support Eric nitwit Holder, is shocking to me. The guy is a train wreck. I tell you this as background on conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom is that the presidency is Hillary’s to lose. Well my crystal ball tells me that she will not be the next President. She should have been President over Obama, but Obama played the race card just as one of my least favorite Presidents said, i.e. Bill Clinton. Sidebar I have raised my opinion of Bill Clinton by a factor of 4 now that I have seen just how bad things can get when an inexperienced president like Obama is elected president. He wasn’t even a good State Senator, yet he leap-frogged from total anonymity to one of the most powerful individuals in the world… again I find this shocking.

Okay, I know I have been sidestepping that question of “who the next president will be”… My prediction is that another somewhat obscure individual will become President and his name is Rand Paul. I am not going to support my opinion as it would take up too much space, but mark my words he will be the next President. To me it’s almost too obvious making my prediction easy. The fact that my prediction is obvious makes it unimaginable to the keepers of “conventional wisdom”. Rand Paul will not only be the next President, but he will be the first President since Reagan who will actually inspire people. Since Reagan left office we’ve had 20 years of presidents who are phonys, policy wonks, inexperienced, boring, and plain or in other words simply not worthy of being a president. Rand Paul I believe is none of these attributes. He will restore a sense of pride in America… which has been pummeled out of most Americans these past 5 years.