The Mass Exodus From Illinois Has Begun…

Highway outa Hell…

Every Illinoisan owes $11,000 for pensions with no fix in sight.

While the article below is a little dated, it still gives good perspective on this issue. Given the article was written in 2016, I have updated my information through 2019. The Tribune article takes you back to 2010 and brings you forward as to the exodus, tax implications, pension debacle, demographics of who’s moving, and of all the things the impact of red light cameras. So I recommend reading the entire article.


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Read the following article it takes you back to 2010 and looks at the net loss. It actually was greater loss pre-2014.
This part of article is inconsistent with Census graph above. And has a glaring typographical error. If you’ll notice in the highlighted area it references 2015 twice when it should have referenced 2014 then 2015. Either way, the only way I can explain the 100,000 exodus in 2015 with the graph above showing 25,000 is that one is “gross” exodus and the other is “net” exodus. In other words when you subtract the new babies and new residents from the number of people that are leaving it nets out to only 25,000 total loss in population even though 100,000 people left the State. That would mean 75,000 new residents and babies arrived in Illinois to offset the 100,000 that left.
The loss of people over the last 20 years amounts to $50 billion in lost taxable income per year or about $8 billion a year in lost taxes. Enough money to balance the budget sadly enough.