Why can’t I block the onslaught of disgusting TV commercials?

The FCC and other groups preach at us parents about monitoring what our children watch. To this aim, chips have been embedded into our TV’s to allow blocking of adult content. But what I find despicable and egregious is that I cannot block all the disgusting, revolting and embarrassing TV commercials I am bombarded with daily?  Is there nothing off limits in TV commercials these days? For the record, I do not want to know about any of the following: irritable bowel syndrome, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, diarrhea, female products, hemorrhoids, bladder control problems, the benefits of certain bathroom tissue, prostate issues, colon health, Sally Fields, Billy Mays, and all the other similarly inane, stupid TV commercials. It should be my option to block any commercial I find offensive… and I find a growing number of commercials passionately offensive.  We’ve lost all sensibilities in this country, and I know people say: “Oh what’s the big deal these things are all part of life”. Sure they are but I don’t want to fuckin be exposed to these things sitting with my kids, my girlfriend, my friends and anytime food is involved. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE!!!