WTF is going on with Democrats and the commie liberal media…

I am furious how the democrats are turning illegal immigration into a political brownie point.  Democrats could resolve the issue, but instead being the political HACKs they are, they are doing nothing except sowing acrimony and outrageous claims of our immigration actions being akin to “Nazi Germany”.  Democrats and the media are claiming Trump is maliciously separating families in the name of fighting illegal immigration and in turn is causing horrific pain and suffering to these poor people seeking only a better life.

FACTS:  12,000 children are now being housed by the Federal government under conditions we all know are superior to the condition from which they came.  10,000 of these children came here under Obama and came alone without a parent.  2,000 are approximately the number of children separated from their parents during Trump’s term thus far.  2,000 children is sad, but it pails by comparison to Nazi Germany.  Fuckin democrats and the media won’t tell you these facts because these facts would not cause the turmoil that a bogus absurd blanket fact less statement makes.  The biggest culprits in this sham scam are Schmuck Shumer and Nancy Nitwit Pelosi.  They should be ashamed of their use of a sad situation to gain political advantage.  These two epitomize why Trump was elected.  American’s are fuckin’ tired of politicians seeking only power and money for their personal gain… managing our lives through their stupid policies and actions.  In their power grab, they seek to create dissension and division among our people.  They all should be “term limited” and thrown off the golden gate bridge inside a burlap bag and drowned in their left coast sanctuary city’s San Francisco Bay.

What is going on specifically?  Parents or human traffickers or drug cartels are sending people from south of our border across our border for the sole purpose of seeking asylum because they are not happy where they live. I say tough shit!!  Hell if I thought about it I could probably find something that I am not happy with… get over it.  Reform your sad sack of shit country and stay home.  We don’t need you.  We are fine just as we are and if you are not here now, don’t come.

Anyway, in the process of illegally entering the United States seeking asylum, children are caught in the crossfire and in some cases are separated from their adult travel companions allegedly their parents.  Ludicrous… these parents are at fault for any child being separated.  These people should never have traveled to the United States in the beginning, they have been told there is zero tolerance for illegal immigration.  I strongly support zero tolerance for illegal immigration and most Americans do, but I don’t support separating families.  So Congress get off you dumb fat asses and do something in particular you democrats… because without your support the Republicans cannot pass legislation to change the current policy.

For those who read this, and are not like minded ask yourself: “What are the democrats doing to resolve this situation?”  Seriously… WTF are they doing?  NOTHING!!! They are using this to create a political talking point.  Notice every democrat interviewed makes reference to “Nazi Germany”… it’s a coordinated effort by the democrats and the media to take back Congress and fuck up the positive trajectory we finally are traveling as a Country.

Bottom-line, we cannot continue to let everyone walk all over us.  And illegal immigrants are kicking us squarely in the teeth as they CHOOSE to violate our laws.  They know they are not welcome here illegally, but they CHOOSE to ignore our laws.  I say stay home and you won’t have to deal with any small inconvenience you might suffer being processed through our system for illegal entrants.  Enough said.