Heroin Reprise

Cooking Heroin

Heroin in my opinion is the most insidious drug ever developed and today is commonly available in major cities across the nation.  It’s popular among the younger crowd (14-24), but has begun to addict older people as well.  I’ve been told by my adult children, that buying heroin is easier to buy and cheaper in price than a 6-pack of beer here in Chicago area.  That’s horribly sad.

Heroin has few outcomes.  Sadly one of the outcomes of using heroin without treatment is DEATH.  Yes DEATH.  Death is due to overdosing; and without the drug Narcan when experiencing an overdose death is near. What happens is your respiratory and cardiac functions begin to shutdown leading quickly to brain damage and ultimately death .  Further, even when revived one may experience other physical damage, such as paralysis.  My son overdosed and was paralyzed from the waist down.  After a year miraculously he recovered, but carries the mental scars.

Another outcome is destruction of any and all safety nets such as parents, friends, doctors.  And as the safety nets disappear, you lose everything.  This leads to homelessness where often one must beg for money to get their fix… while they inhabit dangerous dwellings.  This can go on for years, but ultimately one accidentally or on purpose overdoses and dies.  They are often revived, only to repeat the cycle until they die.

Unless heroin addicts get treatment, they are going to die.  There’s no real alternative given the potency of present day heroin.  And if the heroin wasn’t enough, now fentanyl laces increasingly more heroin jabs.  Fentanyl is 50-80 times more potent than heroin thus making it even more deadly than heroin

If you know an addict, do whatever is possible to get them into rehab, otherwise death will come calling… mark my words.    Once they finish rehab NEVER let them back around the people that addicted them in the first place. Change environments even if YOU have to move. I know because my son died twice but for the drug narcan.  He was a mess, but I got him into rehab and he moved away. He has been sober for years.