Obama says we can get off Middle East Oil…

in 10 years.  And he likens this effort to Kenndy’s moon shot.  And the uninformed U.S. citizenry looks at awe at Obama.  Does the public know that we only get 500,000 barrels of oil per day directly from the Middle East.  Our primary sources of oil are 1.) domestic 2.) Mexico 3.) Canada and 4.) Venezuela.  Obama is the worlds best used car salesman.  He throws out ideas and concepts that go totally unchallenged and the citizens of this country simply do not have the knowledge to separate fact from fiction.   Even the media is largely uninformed about the actual facts of major issues.  We should BOO Obama when he says he needs 10 years to get off Middle East oil.  We could open up offshore California and remove Middle East oil in 2 years.  What the hell is Obama doing deceiving the public by creating a sense of great accomplishment out of something that is a drop in the bucket compared to the 20million barrels of oil used daily in the US.   But all these issues are not capable of sound biting.  If you’ll notice oilman Boone Pickens talks about “imported oil”, not Middle East oil.  He knows the difference.  Regrettably, while I am a fan of Pickens he is a modern day Don Quixote tilting at wind mills.  Wind mills are ugly, only operate when there is wind, which typically does not coincide with demand for electricity and lastly will be located in remote areas without access to a grid to get the power generated to market.  So, again I say… “tilting at windmills”…  And while Pickens is attempting to make a difference, Obama is just blathering.  And if the public really knew or cared about the facts, they would be mad as hell that Obama is playing them as fools when it comes to Middle East oil. .. seriously.  No one wants to be played the fool and that is what Obama and in my estimation most politicians are doing.  PLAYING US FOR FOOLS!!!!

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