McCain has no “fire in the boiler”…

The election is a fete a comple for Obama.  Only Obama can derail his ascension to President.  Regrettably McCain simply does not have the horsepower to challenge the eloguent constitutional lawyer… Barack Obama.  And admittedly Obama is indeed inspiring if one is merely interested in inspiration without substance.  I wonder if Obama were running against someone like Ronald Reagan or better yet Harry Truman if he would be able to overcome these great men by merely espousing hopeful platitudes.   Take Harry Truman… in a debate setting do you think he would allow Obama to spew half truths and innuendos without challenge.  I suspect ole Harry would look into the camera and tell the public: “Look, I am a simple man and I am telling you with all sincerity and candor, Mr. Obama is not ready to be President.  You can choose to ignore my advice… you can even be mad at me for suggesting Mr. Obama is not ready on day 1, but I am telling you the man simply does not have the life experience nor the knowledge to be president.  And now I am going to tell you with all sincerity and candor, I do indeed have the experience and knowledge to be president.  That’s all…now the decision is yours”.   Instead of these direct and brutally challenging remarks, McCain seems to be more interested in being a polite and gentlemanly politician who inspires no one.   Were Sarah Palin not on his ticket McCain would barely be in the news.  She inspires more people than McCain and he is at the top of the ticket.   And in case there is doubt, I am not a fan of Obama.  My reasons are three-fold: 1.) the man is a huckster 2.) his policies will potentially be ruinous to this country and 3.) he lacks the life experiences to be president.  My reason 2.) is probably the most alarming reason I am upset that Obama is most likely going to be president.  Why?  Obama is going to put 2 people on the Supreme Court and we cannot afford another Justice who legislates from the bench.  And it is this legacy that will have a harmful lasting effect on this country… particularly if Obama chooses young Justices as they are life appointments.   Oh… that’s right I was writing about McCain… I guess I lost interest after the first sentence.

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