Trickle up economics?

All I hear these days are politicians talking about how so-called “trickle down” economics hasn’t worked and that we have to “change” our ways.  Okay… what is the alternative?  Trickle up economics?  How about “trickle sideways”?  Wealth is created when people create jobs… and whether we like it or not, those people with wealth are the only ones who create jobs.  Jobs are not created by “homeless” people or teenagers or illegal immigrants.  Demand for jobs may be created by these groups consuming goods and services, but let’s be rationale instead of hysterical… people who take risks with their wealth are the only ones who create jobs.  And this is not a bad thing.  But pathetically, some dim-wit Americans have the sense that if I work hard and earn a million dollars, somehow I have taken advantage of someone along the way.  WRONG!!!  Capitalism provides that everyone can be wealthy… it is not a “zero-sum” game where one person wins and one person loses.   Literally, every American… in theory, could be a billionaire.  We are only limited by our ability to create a product or service that is needed by consumers.  That’s it!  Unfortunately, the liberal media has brain-washed Americans into believing that our economy is a “zero-sum” game and that if you are wealthy you “stole it” from others.   Of course, those people spewing this nonesense were not required to take basic courses in economics as journalism is probably THE simpliest degree program available at the University level.  So to me it is sad that the uneducated pin heads in the media with their powder-puff college degrees have convinced the general public that capitalism is a bad thing… and that the only fair thing to do as a country is to confiscate wealth and redistribute it to those lower in the “food chain”.  Once again, I see American’s are largely lazy dim-wits who believe anything they are told particularly if it is “negative” or some type of  “conspiracy”.

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