Scooter Store is perpetuating entitlement mentality

Nearly every day I see the commercial for “The Scooter Store” where the spokesperson all but guarantees that if you need a scooter because you are disabled in some fashion, The Scooter Store can get it for you for FREE!!!

Nothing is free, but if people think it is free then they are inclined to want the item.  For example, if I were to pull a truck into almost any parking lot in America with a sign that read: “Free cheese for the needy”, I would be overwhelmed with people wanting a handout.  Americans have been conditioned to want “free things” no matter what that may be… and in my example I would no doubt have people who didnt even like cheese lining up to get their “free” cheese because after all we are entitled! 

So contrasting that to my example portrayed by “The Scooter Store”, the Scooter Store is conditioning people to believe they can get a scooter for free.  No doubt there are going to be countless people now who see this commercial and call the Scooter Store asking for a free scooter.  After all, it is free.  And just like my example of “free cheese” there are going to be people who don’t need a scooter requesting a free scooter.  I just watch these Scooter Store commercials in utter amazement as the spokesperson tells peole the government will pay for their scooter… dont worry about a thing. 

Ladies and Gentlemen NOTHING IS FREE especially if it is provided by the Federal Government.  Overtaxed citizens are the actual recipients of the bill for all those people who want free scooters.  So I say: “Hey Scooter Store stop telling people they can get free scooters, because they can’t”.  Millions of taxpayers are chipping in to pay for all the free scooters, and all of us hard working Americans are tired of the entitlement mentality that rob us of our money to pay for so-called “free” stuff.  Enough is enough!!!

2 thoughts on “Scooter Store is perpetuating entitlement mentality

  1. The tip of the iceberg with the best picture painted. The perfect vehicle for this “entitlement mentality” point to hit us dead on. Perfect

    • This is the problem… everyone, now including the old folks who lived through the Great Depression are suddenly be told: “Hey don’t worry about it, some fat rich guy, who stole money from you over the years, will pay for your fuckin hoverround”… Truly we are in the time of “the end of days”. Read some of my other stuff. I see anarchy at some point because we cannot carry the burden of all the entitlement people… The tax man better get ready to take on a 6 shot .38 and double barrel 12 gauge, if he wants my money. And I am not alone out here

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