Why can’t people just tell the truth?

Over the years I have seen a continual erosion of a basic American value and that is truthfulness.  I hate to sound cynical, but it seems lying has become fashionable… no one tells the truth anymore.  It doesn’t matter how insignificant, people seem to lie or embellish.  I for one am tired of having to read between the lines all the time to establish whether people are being truthful.  It is so much easier to just be honest and tell the truth.

I suppose people in the United States have become so accustomed to politicians, law enforcement, religious leaders, judges, appointed officials and even our Presidents routinely lying to all of us, that we have become jaded.

And to see what I am talking about, you need look no further than the election of 2008 to see lying in full bloom.  Each candidate bends and morphs the truth to fit their needs and it is just awful. 

Obama continues to say things that are not only lies, but he morphs words to mean things that if true would be mutually exclusive.  For example he continues to lie to the American public saying he is going to give 95% all households a tax cut.  That my friends is a lie and is impossible.  Unless you pay taxes you can’t get a tax cut… and the statistics are that 40% of all households don’t even pay Federal income tax, but he just keeps lying.  And whats worse is that no one calls him on it… have we no honest or truth seeking reporters left in this country?

And McCain mistates what Obama supposedly says on a number of topics.  Why does he misquote and distort? 

All I can say is I feel like I am part of an ever shrinking group of American’s who honestly tries to tell the truth at all times.  I find the truth is just easier and people respect the truth even if they don’t like what you have to say. 

So why don’t we all pledge as our New Year’s resolution to tell the truth… and as a complementary resolution pledge to call “bullshit” when you hear people lie to you or others.

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