Microsoft is coming apart at the seams!

Microsoft has been a shining star in the world of operating systems.  They have given the world the ability to do things that 30 years ago were only dreamed of… and while some complain about their dominance, I think they make a good product.

But lately, their almost daily release of patches has begun to cause serious problems with all of our machines.  And if they continue patching the patches, their operating system and the software that runs on that operating system are going to lock-up, and become one giant nightmare for those of us who prefer not to waste time fucking around with tweaking software.

Wake up Microsoft, stop all patches until they are perfected including releasing new operating systems that are not ready for “prime time”.

One thought on “Microsoft is coming apart at the seams!

  1. I agree. There are some major mishaps with Microsoft software as of late. My friend’s printer (a relatively new printer) wouldn’t work with his new Dell with Vista. I also think their branding efforts are quite mixed up at this point between their shelf product and their web offerings. (What the hell does MSN mean, anyway?) And what’s with Windows 7? I don’t remember the first six.

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