Of course oil companies have made record profits these past few years, but not because of anything other than market forces.  Yet Obama would have you believe it was because mean old Republicans were responsible through crafty tax breaks.  So Goddam it Obama stop distorting the facts.  And of course oil companies have made some of the largest profits of any company in American history… THAT’S BECAUSE THEY SPEND MORE ON R&D THAN ANY COMPANY IN AMERICAN HISTORY… they still earn less on their investments than most industries in the United States, but does Obama mention this?  Of course not!!!  That would not fit into his pandering to the so-called poor and underpriviledged.

Goddam it Obama you are unqualified to be President, but at least STOP THE DISTORTIONS… YOU ARE PERPETUATING LIES AND DISTORTIONS which only go to help shape inaccurate opinions by the largely uninformed and apathetic citizenry of this Country.

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