Of all the States, why do people live in Illinois?

I have no idea why people choose to spend their entire life in Illinois.  My beef with Illinois starts with the weather… the weather is crummy and there is very little to do that does not involve large quantities of alcohol.  Traffic is abominable with roads that often are so broken up you risk damage to your vehicle simply traveling over them… but to go beyond the boredom and winter depression, I think Illinois is one of the poorest managed and most corrupt States in the Union.  I see, hear and feel it everywhere… I see it in grid-lock in Springfield on almost every issue facing this State.  I see Senate leaders play games with rules to get their very own son in position to replace them i.e. Emil Jones… I see a County president who was incompacitated and unable to govern, yet he is allowed to manipulate the rules to allow his son to replace him i.e. Todd Stroger… I see corruption even when I travel the numerous tollways as our inept governor’s name is plastered across the banner above toll booths, i.e. Rod Blagojevich… and when I have the displeasure of going to the DMV I see larger than life pictures of Jesse White… both of these politicians are using taxpayer money to create name recognition only perpetuating their re-election… I feel it in the pockebook when I pay tolls for roads that have been paid for… years ago, yet still collect tolls, and I hear it every day when I listen to the news about the growing debt the State is racking up without any serious ideas how to payoff this debt in our lifetimes. 

I have lived all over this country… from Texas to Washington DC to Nebraska to even Indiana, and I have to say Illinois is the only State I can truly say I would choose never to live again.  I am excitedly planning for the day when I can leave this inhospitable, unfriendly, soon to be grossly overtaxed State called Illinois.  To me it has few truly interesting features… except for the City of Chicago.  Which I will say Chicago is indeed a world class city… it is surprising clean, and for a major city has many places to enjoy the outdoors.  Daly has done a nice job despite his speaking skills that are a notch below George W.’s.  

But Illinois is a boring, corrupt and an anti-business place to live, and so I really wonder why people live here if they had a choice.  From talking with people the primary reason is that the literally don’t know any better.  They have lived here all their lives and can’t imagine anyplace else.  But I for one, would not put Illinois on my list of places to live.  It meets not one criteria that I think the average person would list as a great State to live.  And I think if people knew better, Blowjobovich would be governing only himself. 

I have renamed the State:  Illinoying… as I find living here quite annoying.

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