Change you can believe in?

Day after day Obama talked about change… he was going to change Washington forever.  No specifics of course, but just tell the largely dim-witted American public you will change things, and that’s all they wanted to hear.  Don’t bore us with details… just change things.  CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE.  That’s all we heard… and silly juvenile talk about bipartisan changes to cause a new world order in Washington.

Well the public bought the slick marketing.  And the “change” thing Obama kept spouting ad nauseum, well that has sorta died down now that he has won the election.  Now, the real work of “change” has begun.  Funny thing, that concept of change seems to be just a bumper sticker that sounded good.  Obama is running the second Clinton 8 year term.  He has dug up all the Clinton retreads and appointed them to all kinds of critically important positions in his new administration.  So do all you nit wits out there who wanted change feeling just a bit embarrassed.  Your guy Barry is nothing special, he is just another “run of the mill” politician.  And I would argue had he been a white guy, he wouldn’t have gotten off first base.  I would like to think Obama will do good things, but when he surrounds himself with Clinton retreads how can we take Barry serious.  Barry is damn lucky Americans are dim-witted, lazy and apathetic; otherwise Barry wouldn’t have had a chance.  Hell Obama wouldnt even pass a “background” check, and yet he is President.   Give me a break.  Oh and by the way: “I told you so”

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