Who cares if Obama is black… seriously

Does anyone seriously care if Obama is black, white, green or purple?  I find this whole thing annoying at the minimum and disturbing at the maximum.  We talk about wanting to be the idealistic country MLK talked about where everyone is judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin, so why in the hell does everyone make such a big deal about Obama being black.  WHO CARES!!!  He is simply an American… that’s it folks.  Nothing more than a simple well educated American.  That’s it!  I make no distinction between African Americans, Asian Amerians… blah blah blah.  You are either an American or you are not.  We cannot be a nation of African Americans, or Hispanic Americans… that by its very nature is racist.  And all the groups that have formed promoting all these different peoples are racist at their core as they want to distinguish one American from another based ONLY on skin color.  We don’t need to comment on the heritage of other Americans other than if we are doing geneological studies… otherwise we are all Americans.  So I say Obama is our next President… and that’s all he is… To single him out as the first African American demeans Obama as it suggests he is different from the rest of us Americans.  Is he different… seriously?  Other than being black, I presume he is just another American who has risen to the call of being President.  Stop all the silly commemorative plates, and commemorative coins.   Obama’s presidency is nothing more than America living up to its ideals.  So as an American I simply say: “We have a 44th President and he is Obama”… end of story.  Nothing more need be said or written about this issue.

2 thoughts on “Who cares if Obama is black… seriously

  1. the history books have already been updated and this was before he took the oath of office – look at all the memorabilia that is being sold – its worse than the Queen and the Pope combined – my gawd it’s sickening – Guess he is the second coming

  2. The Obama trash and trinkets being hawked demean the sanctity of the Presidency. To be a President of the United States is a solemn duty… one to be taken serious, with dignity and honor. But there’s nothing sacred any more. And it has gotten to the point where people are afraid to speak their mind because they might be ridiculed. But I for one, never miss an opportunity to set the record straight. Just because someone makes a statement such as “there are 47million uninsured” doesnt mean its a fact. It is merely repeating a statement heard on TV… a statement made with a political goal of pushing for national healthcare. The facts are far different when you “peel back the onion”

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