3 things to avoid: J. Alexander’s, Crime and worthless Oakbrook Police!

Dateline: 11pm 12.10.2008: J. Alexander’s Restaurant at closing. Young white female comes into bar claiming her locks were frozen and needed lighter to heat key. My girlfriend and I put on coats to leave. Notice her purse is missing. Instincts kick in and I realize we had been robbed. I run out of the restaurant and catch 2 white females rifling through my girlfriend’s purse. I grab purse and call cops. Cops arrive in less than 1 minute and interrogate both parties. Cops advise the girls claim they don’t know how the purse got into their car. I respond that Scotty in Star Trek was a fictional character, and that the only way it got into their car was that they STOLE it. Advised by Cops, they did not have probable cause as no one saw them actually take the purse. I reply that criminals generally don’t announce their intentions to steal, but rather do it covertly. The girls were questioned and let go as again the Cops claim no probable cause. As I was driving, I was asked to take a breathalyzer at which point I happily complied. Blew 0.04 which is 1/2 legal limit. I was told I could legally drive. Moral of story… crime doesn’t pay, but DUI’s do. While I have suspected that the world has changed since my days as a kid where criminals were arrested when they stole things, today utterly implausible explanations can be proferred and accepted as fact. The notion that these 2 girls had no idea how the purse got to their car, is less believable than Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, yet that is all I can conclude from examining the facts. And if a casual observer… such as yourself, reviewed these facts you would know beyond a shadow of a doubt these 2 stole the purse. But these days, nothing is sacred nor is anything too absurd to be postulated as a rationale for commission of a crime. My dillusion with the legal system and our failing ethics among all classes of citizens continues to erode… I believe in honesty, integrity, honor, but not the American legal system nor our elected officials. Can anarchy be far behind? The majority of Americans have become the silent minority in this country. I long for the days of 3 TV channels, unlocked doors and acceptance of the word queers.

One thought on “3 things to avoid: J. Alexander’s, Crime and worthless Oakbrook Police!

  1. Me too Me too Me too !!!
    Anarchy isn’t far behind look at the “stimulus Pkg” passes behind closed doors over a thousand pages for our newly formed welfare nation—Octomom should be happy!! The majority of americans are silent because we are bombarded with hypocrisy and media drivebys that are so liberal it makes your head “spin” from all the koolaid. Our country is going to the crapper and I’m a legal immigrant that wants to go back to where I came from…sad sad sad

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