Isn’t it nice to see Congress busy reaaranging the deck chairs on the Titanic!

Given the serious issues facing this country, not the least of which is an explosion in debt being proposed by Obama, our dim-witted Congress, led by consummate petty politicians, is busy rearanging the Senate’s chamber chairs as it figures out how to seat or unseat Roland Burris from Illinois. WHO CARES? I will say it again: “Who cares?” We can’t do any worse than the current crop of inexperienced, spineless worms leading Congress… that is Reid and Pelosi. I am serious when I say; the caliber of our leadership lacks the depth of “real-world” experience of any kind to develop serious and comprehensive solutions to our overwhelming combination of societal and economic problems. And I fear that as the educational level of our citizenry continues to nose-dive, the future caliber of Congress will only decline. And if you are not frightened by the prospect of future Congress’ possessing even less vision and less leadership skill, you are deaf, dumb and most likely blind. And while I still possess all my 5 senses, I already feel the gravitational pull of Congress gearing up to deny my god given rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

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