Who’s in favor of mail-in Ballots? And why?

The utter stupidity of the commie libs is truly beyond my comprehension. They want everyone in the United States to use mail-in paper ballots. As I write this blog Perez the DNC chairman is on TV blasting Trump for wanting to stay with our current system of voting. He is claiming having people go to a voting booth in November would cause a resurgence of COVID19. Therefore, we should go with a mail-in system.

FRAUD is my concern and even more as you read my complete blog. But think about it… how do you prevent fraud unless some type of security code is used. The code and ballot would be sent to addresses of all American citizens to the extent they know addresses and then their mail-in ballot would be sent to a processing center. This might work I suppose.

But I think the commie libs have another plan in mind. I would suggest the commie libs will try to stretch the system so that all residents get paper ballots for mail-in. So the government would now mail to every address in the U.S. By the way for you unfamiliar with the commie lib Democrat code, “resident” is just code for an illegal alien. Last time I checked illegals were not allowed to vote. They are not even supposed to be here. WTF are they thinking?

Well… they are thinking that if they can get residents to vote, they can become a permanent majority in this Country as there are 22 million illegal aliens in this Country. Illegals undoubtedly will vote Democrat. Why Democrat? Democrats have supported open borders, sanctuary cities, voting rights for residents, healthcare for illegals and are against the Trump wall. So, the Democrats are pandering and sucking-up to illegals meanwhile ignoring their fellow Americans. And if you are reading this you know I am speaking the truth.

And to expand on this pandering point, Democrats say utterly stupid stuff like: “The wall is immoral” (Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and 3rd in line to be President). This is music to the ear of the illegal alien. But how can a wall be “immoral”?

Immorality is the lack of morals and often associated with lack of ethics and values. If the U.S. decides to put up a wall, the only values to be considered are Ours, not illegals. So far as I can tell there is nothing immoral from the U.S.’ standpoint. A wall is merely forcing an orderly methodology to our immigration system by causing people to come to this Country through proper channels. This has been the case since the early founding of this Country except in the last 50 years.

My ancestors came here in the late 1700’s from Ireland. They went through Customs in Philadelphia. They gave their full name, family members and relationships, Country of origin and were checked for diseases. It was an orderly process. They didn’t storm the borders to live here without adhering to U.S. laws. They followed the laws and immigrated legally. They moved west to open land in Texas and Indiana. My ancestors would be outraged that people would come here illegally. A wall will stop them, but a mail-in ballot could open the door permanently as illegals getting the vote will open the border to all.

Cap and Trade… sounds good! NOT!

Why in the hell do politicians tinker with things that are not broken. And they do it in the name of “clean air” or the “children” or “global warming”, but their real motives are insidious. They want to tax and spend more money so they invent nit-wit things to justify their insatiable desire for more and more money. “Cap and trade” is an absolute joke. Who do they think they are kidding. There is no market for trading carbon… and if we develop one, it will become just like all the other “over-the-counter” derivative scams straight out of the Enron playbook. Only Enron did it to make a profit, the Government does it to confiscate wealth out of the economy to create more and more dependents on the nanny state. All this shit sounds good… no one wants dirty air, or starving children, but we don’t have that problem… so why are we trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist.

And these “green jobs”… PLEASE!!! I beg you simpleton politicians to listen to the experts. You didnt listen on ethanol, now these plants are going bankrupt all over the midwest. It hardly takes an expert to understand if you soak up corn to make fuel, you are going to create another problem… food shortages. And experts told the nit-wits in Congress that their goals for ethanol by 2020 would consume the entire production of corn of the United States as produced in 2007. IMPOSSIBLE. We could never ever achieve such ridiculous goals… and Congress was told this, and yet they blindly just went ahead giving incentives for ethanol. Three months later gasoline drops to $2.00/gallon and ethanol is a laughing stock fuel. STUPID STUPID STUPID. We cannot allow morons to run this Country.

Cap and trade is just another moronic half baked scheme that will fail miserably, and we citizens pay the price. The best thing this Country could do is this: “Offer every member of Congress $1MM/year to never set foot in Washington DC.” So these morons could make a nice annual income, and we citizens wouldnt be burdened by more and more and more regulation with no redeeming value.

I just cannot get over how damn stupid the people in Congress appear. I am fairly educated… yes I am often called a “redneck” or “hillbilly”, but I study things… and I put pieces of information togther to form a conclusion. And my friends, we have successfully gathered the dumbest and most pompous group of legislators in history in the current crop of nit-wits in Congress. These people would fail miserably in the real world. Why do I say this? I say this because they possess no desirable skills except blathering… and blathering is not a needed skill.

So tell me where I am wrong?

Congress is filled with absolute JACK ASSES…

How dare Congress pretend to be outraged over AIG bonuses. They created the mess leading to the need for a bailout, they decided to bail out AIG and they didn’t even read the legislation giving AIG indemnity against clawback of the very bonuses they are now grandstanding about. Congress is a pathetic collection of the most incompetent, sanctimonious, petty jack asses ever assembled in a single room.

Congress should be embarrassed and ashamed of their juvenile and pathetic phony outrage.

These same simpleton’s in Congress chastising others, have amassed more debt in the past 90 days than has ever been recorded in world hsitory. Where do these people get off asking anyone questions about their finances or business transactions. Our current Congress has utterly no earthly idea what it is doing with the public’s trillions of tax dollars…

This chirade playing out in Washington is all political tripe… designed to obfuscate the real problem which is the unparalled ineptness of Congress and the President.

WE must impose term limits on Congress just as we do the President because Congress has now usurped from our sophomoric Teleprompter in Chief, i.e. Obama, the power of the Presidency. Obama has lost control as President; and were it not for his teleprompter, he would have nothing to say or do.

I often ponder how our citizens were so duped by Obama… after all he told all of us he was going to “change” everything and he was going change things in a dramatic leftist direction. Did our citizens not believe Obama. I did, and now my fears are playing out in living color.

And what I see in living color is that Obama has turned over the reigns of the Federal government to Congress’ most dillusional out-of-touch members i.e. Pathetic Pelosi and Retarded Reid.

So I pray Congress continues down its current path of kaos and anarchy… that will assure a clean sweep of the nit-wits currently running Congress in 2010, much as we experienced under Clinton in 1992.

WE all must do our fair share to maintain the pressure on Congress thereby ensuring irrational and “Sybil-like” actions and reactions by our Royal Morons. I have my 15 tea bags prepared to be mailed once a day from April 1st… DO YOU!!!

Michelle Obama finally proud to be an American… not me!

How sad it is, that now that Obama is President, for the first time in my nearly 50 years I am not proud of this country or our alleged political leaders.

As I look back over my life, I remember being a staunch Democrat when Carter was President, but even then I was not happy with Carter, but never was I not proud of my fellow Americans and the ideals of this Country. But admittedly, I did feel that possibly our better days were behind us, but I was still proud of our heritage and our citizens.

Then… an Actor named Ronald Reagan, who I did not vote for… was elected President, and his infectious enthusiasm lifted all our spirits. It didn’t matter whether you were a Democrat or a Republican or an Independent, we all again believed our better days lay ahead. We all believed again in our ability to accomplish anything. And it was Reagan who opened my eyes and millions of other Americans to Conservatism. Since then, I have never looked back. I have embraced the ideals of Conservatism which believes in the power of the individual to accomplish great things if the shackles of government were removed.

But now sadly, a malaise similar to the Carter years is overwhelming our country. But unlike Carter, Obama is an elistist egotistical man, who has decided he… rather than we citizens, knows best how to configure our future. To me, he inspires primarily those that have no goals in life, no ambition, no drive… instead he appeals to the mediocrity of our nature. And if you couple Obama’s uninspiring rhetoric with the utterly disgraceful leadership in Congress; it’s no wonder many of us staunchly proud American’s, have lost our pride.

So it seems the moment Michele Obama finally became proud to be an American just this past year, I lost my pride in almost everything American except our military. Frankly, not since the Carter years have I felt our better days are possibly behind us. But even back in the Carter years, while I thought our better days may have been in the past, I never felt that our entire way of life was in dire jeopardy.

But as I see it, the dramatic changes being proposed in healthcare, education, energy, social services, fiscal policy and budget priorities will in time negatively affect all aspects of our society and role in the world. What concerns me most is that once these policies become law or become institutionalized into the fabric of American society it becomes nearly impossible to correct… and they must be corrected otherwise, I fear our better days are truly behind us.

In closing, all I can say is: “don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for Obama”… and if you did, I hope you now see the folly of your vote. And if you now can see the peril in allowing the current Congress and the President to continue their unchecked efforts to change every aspect of our way of life, you will join me in voting against every single incumbent Congress person in 2010. We desperately need to “throw the bums out”, and replace them with citizen politicians rather than career politicians.

So Hear Ye: The time has come for “sweeping” and dramatic change in Congress. These people have fucked up this country to the point, many of us patriotic Americans are no longer proud of our Country and fear the worst has finally become truly possible. For that, these self-serving bastards need to be forever removed from Congress or any elected position. Congress is disgraceful!!!

Hunker down folks we are heading into a depression!

I will not profess to be an expert on economics, far from it, but what I think I do have is a sense of reality. My sense of reality is that the United States, if not the entire world, is heading into a depression similar to 1929. I base my prediction, not on fancy statistics on money supply, money multipliers, Keynes versus the Monetarists, rather I base my prediction of the future based on simple demographics. And there is only a single statistic one need to understand to see where we are headed. For our economy to remain vibrant, we need consumption of goods and services. Each dollar that is spent on consumption has a multiplier effect in the economy. So, when I purchase a particular good or service, that purchase adds money to the economy which in turn creates additional spending producing that good or service, and so on and so forth. So the impact of that single purchase has a ripple effect. Now… as one moves through life we go through purchasing stages. We start by purchasing our first home… which creates a stimulus. Think of the home as a “nest”… this nest is where our consumption begins. First we furnish the nest, then we fill the nest with children, and then we move up to a bigger nest, and again repeat the furnishing pattern. All along the way… we are consuming goods and services. Typically one is a net consumer of goods and services, ie we spend more than we produce, from the age of 20-50. This 30 year period I call the consuming years. From 50 until we die we slowly become negative consumers. From 50 and beyond we downsize our nests, the kids move out, and we generally consume far less goods and services. And in many ways we are negative consumers. WE save money, we invest in our retirement, and ultimately we live off our retirement savings plus Social Security. This brings me to my simple demographic statistic that tells me we are headed towards a depression. 1959 was the last year of the “baby boom”… the generation behind this “boom” is far fewer in number. Given this the number of “consumers” compared to “negative consumers” is reversed. We have entered a period where there is going to be far less consumption, and without consumption of goods and services, our economy will contract. Depending on how significant the drop in consumption, will impact the severity of the coming depression. Again looking at simple demographics, the “baby boomer” generation family size typically was 3-4 children, but the following generation saw family size more in the range of 2-3. This means consumption in the United States could drop by 25-50% simply based on population changes. Given this, a depression is unstoppable… and this depression will likely last for 5 years as the entire economy adjusts to lower consumption. In the meantime, home prices will collapse, the stock market will plummet, and unemployment will rise dramatically. My advice is to move to cash or commodities and away from stocks, homes, or similar assets. I hope I am wrong, but demographics are not favorable. And for god’s sake ignore your broker’s advice.