I am sick and tired of the apathy and ambivalence of the majority of Americans. Every day here in the United States, we see and hear things, that we know are 100% wrong… 100% out of control, and yet no one says anything and if one dare speak up, you are branded as a “complainer” or are “politically incorrect”. BUT there are things going on in this Country, that our Founding Fathers actually fought against in their time and would fight against today if they were alive to see. We have turned our government over to people who have literally no idea what they are doing. We have created a system that rewards mediocrity. We have allowed our Country to be invaded by illegals. We have over-taxed our citizens in the name of “fairness”. We have allowed people to blame everyone except themselves for any unfortunate event in their lives. We worry more about hurting people’s feelings, than we do honoring each other’s rights to pursue life, liberty and happiness. I am sick and tired of all this and I am not going to be quiet any longer. I don’t care what others might think. I believe in “right and wrong”… there is no gray area. And it is wrong to allow our government to impose more and more taxes, fees and fines on its citizens. It is wrong to allow illegals to benefit from our Country’s wealth while contributing nothing. Illegals should be sent home and never return. Criminals should be arrested, and the Police should focus on crime not petty speeding tickets… And as I examine this idea of “right and wrong” I have come to conclude there was nothing wrong with Ozzie or Harriet. I am no longer going to pretend the traditional model of a nuturing mother at home, and a father bringing home the paycheck is outdated and no longer applicable to our society. The truth be known, if we returned to the Ozzie and Harriet model our nation would far better off. So the next time someone looks at me when I complain about an illegal who can’t speak a solitary word of English, or the next time I see a Cop wasting time ticketing someone for a silly parking violation or the next time I hear someone suggest that their variable rate mortgage was not their fault or that their $20,000 in credit card debt was not their responsibility as the ugly credit card companies forced them to accept their cards, or that BIG OIL, is making too much money, I am going to salute them with a proper hand gesture.

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