Okay this Obama stuff is getting downright silly…

Today January 18, 2009, had to be one of the more silly days Washington DC has experienced in quite a few years. PLEASE!!! All these phoney baloney entertainers singing and dancing like they were part of the crazy “we are the world” video is starting to get sappy and just downright silly. Sure Obama is historical I guess, but frankly we need to stop making more out of his election than is appropriate. A more subdued approach is more befitting… a more subdued celebration would demonstrate that America is merely fulfilling its dream. Instead, we are making this more of a big song and dance routine completely missing the point. Dignity is more appropriate than pomp and circumstance. Obama has a lot ahead of him, and his odds of success are not assured, but based on all the silly entertainers dancing and revivaling you’d think literally Jesus had returned to Earth. To all you silly silly entertainers, please don’t make a mockery of this event. I fear the complete absurdity of the rhetoric of all the “bling bling” entertainers is going entirely overshadow the inaugural event. Every inauguration of a new President should be celebrated in a dignified and honorable manner. Instead we have the likes of Bruce Springstein singing sanctimoniously about this so-called “change” Obama is bringing to Washington. Springstein wouldn’t know “change” if it hit him in the head like a baseball bat. The guy has lived in a surreal entertainer world for 25 years. What the hell does he know? At the pace of celebration in Washington, I am expecting “Marvel Comics” to come out with a new superhero called the “Obaminator” To me this whole celebration has become over the top silly… and misses the historical context (if indeed Obama’s election is historic) completely.

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