My worst fears about Obama seem to be coming true…

Obama’s rhetoric during the campaign was completely out of touch with reality, but I presumed he would get into office and come to his senses. Obama has always been disingenous and a professional “double-speaker”, but now that he is in office, I expected all that to change. Foolish me…my expectations are being dashed. Obama is actually doing the absurd things he talked about in his “say anything to get elected” campaign. Starting with Gitmo… please tell me why anyone would waste any time on Gitmo when the financial stability of the US is on the brink of disaster. Tell me why anyone who preached “transparency and honesty in government” would appoint people who’s ethics and personal backgrounds are questionable at a minimum and disqualify them for office at the maximum. Obama is already doing and saying things that scare the shit out of me. He is an ill-informed elitist pin-head. And I will venture to say in 4 years people will look back and opine that “while I disliked Bush, Obama makes Bush look like Einstein”. Obama simply doesn’t know what he is doing. He has no experience… he talks in slogan and “feel-good” rhetoric. WE NEED REAL CHANGE, not bumper sticker change. What the hell is going on in this country? I hope Obama fails miserably because his policies are wrong for America… they are wrong on every issue. He simply doesn’t understand business and world politics. He is your typical pompous sanctimonious lawyer… and that is the last thing we need. We need a leader with experience. Goddam when are we going to get the “best and brightest” running for President?

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