Nancy Pelosi is an IDIOT…

In my lifetime, I have never been more embarassed by the lack of respect and dignity of public officials. But it is clear, respect and dignity have gone the way of Pong or Space Invaders. But I had not given up on the remote possibility that our leaders were intelligent and experienced and therefore were elected to “high office”. How wrong I was… Nancy Pelosi is a complete Idiot! She has no respect or dignity for others. Further she reflects “San Franscisco” values which do not reflect the values of 99% of Americans. Yet, she is 3rd in line to be President, she makes decisions that impact all Americans. Her leadership determines what direction legislation goes in the House… and given her “ultra-liberal” views on everything, I cannot figure out how she remains in a leadership position. She is a bona-fide idiot. I just hope in the next 4 years Pelosi, Reid and Obama fail miserably, because if they don’t all you apathetic ambivalent dim-witted American’s are going to wish you could have a “do-over” on elections. Despite their rhetoric, they are out of touch. And the end result will not be good jobs, and higher standards of living, on the contrary, it will be fewer jobs and lower standards. But, you were warned about these people but you didn’t listen. Now we can let idiots like Pelosi determine our priorities. Pelosi wants to investigate Bush for all kinds of things. WHAT!!! Can we not move on? What in the hell good would it do to investigate Bush? For what would we waste 10 seconds on Bush? I suspect it is because these people have no idea what they are doing, so instead of looking out the front windshield, they are still looking in the “rear-view” mirror. Idiots to the left of me, Idiots to right and here I am stuck in the middle.

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