Okay enough is enough… Bush is not responsible for everything!

As you no doubt can see from my blog, I enjoy listening to the absurdity of our elected officials. Our inept elected officials at all levels of government, never seem to amaze me with their lack of any semblence of common sense. Most are completely out of touch with the common everyday working American they are supposed to represent. Regardless, it is now time to move on… Bush is out of office, and Congress cannot continue to spend all its time on petty immaterials issues like funding for international groups supporting abortion… or Gitmo closure… and most importantly cannot spend its time looking in the “rear-veiw” mirror to blame Bush for every single solitary dumb thing that has happened in the last 25 years. I am tired of Bush bashing because it accomplishes nothing… and to me it demonstrates a lack of one’s own ideas on how to solve our most basic issue which is “THE ECONOMY STUPID”… So Bush is gone, now you moron’s in Congress need to get to work coming up with common sense solutions to our economic mess. That’s all you people need to do is focus on a single issue…”THE ECONOMY STUPID”. American’s have lost all sense of respect for Congress even with Obama riding high in public opinion. The honey-moon is over Congress, get to work doing something constructive to solve the single most important issue facing America. Gitmo or abortion rights, is not even on most American’s radar screen. Congress we don’t care about these things. FOCUS ON THE ECONOMY STUPID!!! My god, we continue to elect people who only vaguely know the issues, they are unfocused, and are experts at double-speak. I hope this Blog along with literally millions of other Blogs will become part of our collective consciousness and in doing so form a common theme among all Americans.

3 thoughts on “Okay enough is enough… Bush is not responsible for everything!

  1. I bring up my father again, because we have these discussions. They will blame any single thing on Bush (regardless of whether he is to blame or not, the public perception on the coasts and in universities at least is that he was a super stupid genius of evil) they will blame crap on him as long as it works. If we get attacked again, trust me who do you think the blame will be layed on? If gas goes higher, trust me, who do think they will say is proffting? If hyperbole is acceptable, if a volcano erupts and spills lava onto kittens, who do you think they will say was responsible?

    it will last about 2 years.

    • Just noticed your comments on Bush. While I didn’t agree with the man on many issues particularly his willingness to spend my money on dopey earmarks, but I did respect the man. I believe he was an honorable decent man. I recall early in his Presidency, a reporter asked him how he started each day and Bush said: “I start each morning on bended knee”. WOW… I am not a deeply religious person, but one cannot deny there is indeed a supreme being. And many many people, despite Maher’s ridicule, find comfort, wisdom and guidance in prayer and introspection. I respect religion for its undeniable influence on our Country’s founding… and to deny that is to deny God. And to close off this topic, I respect both 41 and 43 as decent honorable men. They did their best and stood on principle regardless of public opinion. Does anyone think Lincoln was popular in his day and time? Hell no he wasn’t popular and he even went so far as to suspend habeous corpus. Yet our flakey current President disrespectfully wants to draw parallel with Lincoln and himself. Please!!!! Obama is a political hack… and I say this not because of any particular malice towards the man, I saw Obama’s political “wet finger in the air” approach to leadership since I regrettably live here in Chicago. Living here, one quickly understands there is a distinct underbelly of politics. My sense is that Obama is the second coming of Carter… Carter was a nuclear physicist… to intellectual to lead a country… and in many ways Obama is the same.

  2. Smile, Carter was a peanut farmer who to this day goes to the people who are building a doomsday device and congratulates them on their fine efforts.

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