America Needs Another Revolution…

It’s now time for all partriotic Americans to stand up and speak out against the growing tyranny of government. I suppose this sounds ridiculous in this day and time, but when I see what is happening in my Country I shudder. Government has never and will never be the solution to any problem in our lives. Yet each passing day, more and more people look first to the government to solve their problems. What they don’t realize is that they are hastening the cataclysmic change in the future of the United States. We are truly on the verge of a revolution. It will not be a revolution in terms of insurrection in the streets. It will be a revolution of the people who work in America to make a living… staging a quiet “Boston Tea Party”… Americans will vote with their tax dollars… or lack there of. Americans will find ways to bypass the taxation without representation taking place in this Country. Congress has finally detached itself from representing the people and now has decided IT knows best. Congress actually believes it has the wisdom to manage our economy, our healthcare, our airwaves, our pension, and future. The time has come to speak out against the moral, ethical and intellectual bankruptcy in Washington. And WE must all now begin to find ways to evade and avoid paying taxes. This is the only way we can stop Congress. If they don’t have money, they can’t pay for pork… and the while that has never stopped them before, the United States I dare say is going to become a debtor nation where the world no longer believes it can pay its bills. By all Americans evading and avoiding paying taxes we can hasten the collapse and hasten the removal Congress and the President. Time is critical, but we are slowly moving towards anarchy as more and more people decide enough is enough. We cannot allow pin-head elitists to destroy our treasured way of life… and that is exactly what is happening. The guarantees written into the Bill of Rights giving all American’s the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness has been replaced by creeping socialism. So now is the time to start imagining how we are going to starve government of taxes and force a crisis in borrowing. I wish you godspeed in your journey to rebel against the outrageous happenings in Washington.

2 thoughts on “America Needs Another Revolution…

    • Curious you still feel we are not heading towards socialism? And if not… how do you justify having CEO’s fired, companies told they must merge with foreign companies or go bankrupt, banks forced to take money despite no need, conversion of preferred stock to common stock in banks, and on the horizon national healthcare, carbon taxes, trillions in debt that can only be paid through massive redistribution of wealth. Surely this last item alarms you… the profit motive is what stimulates creativity and ingenuity… take the profit motive away and we have converted to socialism. A society with equal opportunity and equal outcomes despite the differences in each’s contribution to society. Ignore politics and just use simple logic…. if there is no meaningful reason to push oneself beyond the mediocre, then why bother. Imagine Bill Gates living in a world where his wealth would be confiscated despite his ingenuity in creating what arguably has become the single most important development in the last 100 years… ie computer operating systems and associated business tools I don’t even want to imagine a world without Microsoft until such time as someone…. with the right profit motivation, invents an operating system making Vista/Xp obsolete. Sadly our citixenry are so poorly educated about almost any topic… pick one, they really should not be allowed to vote unless taking a test. Election are far to important for uneducated, uninformed and uninterested citizens to vote strictly party line without regard to policies. Obama is the perfect example of citizens failing to understand who they were voting for… and the media didn’t help much. So in closing, you bet I am concerned about socialism… and I see it sprouting all around me, but one needs to be open minded and observant because no one is going to call all these series of events “socialism”, but make no mistake this path we are heading down is socialistic more in the vein of Europe rather than South America or parts of eastern Europe.

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